Your February Chinese Horoscope: Shifting Energies

Your February Chinese Horoscope Shifting Energies

Your Chinese Horoscope: Happy Chinese New Year!

February brings the Chinese New Year, as we watch the Lake Buffalo month and Wood Horse Year give way to the new year of the Wood Sheep on February 19 and a Tiger Climbs the Mountain month.

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Shifting energies and influences are everywhere, yet tough to discern. Your personal animal days in February offer you the opportunities to find your best self-expression and your greatest power as the world around you takes on new form:

In order to find your Chinese animal, just look for your birth year below. Then read your Chinese Horoscope:



The morning of February 5 is a time to balance your ideals with the demands of the day as the Rat on the Mountain. A sweet, romantic evening at home can bring real satisfaction. On February 17 you have an urge to do something exciting as the Rat on the Roof. If you don’t overdo things, you’ll have a perfect time.


This is a doubly intense day as you are the Ox by the Gate on February 6 in this Lake Buffalo month. Strong focus allows you to transcend old, unwanted conditions. On the New Moon evening of February 18 you are envisioning your most romantic images as the Sea Ox. Your Chinese Horoscope says you should reinforce those thoughts and work to make them real.


Friendly communications bring loving responses on February 7 as you are the Tiger Standing Firm on the Mountain. February 19 is a time of self-examination and personal revelation on this day of the Chinese New Year. This is a special year for you as it begins with a Tiger in the Forest day and Tiger month.

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Your inner peace gives you the perfect means to glide through the challenges of the day on February 8 as the Enlightened Rabbit. Hold steady in your loving thoughts. You’re feeling both romantic and sexy on February 20 as the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon. It’s a time for passion and building a future with someone special.


As the Dragon in the Sky, you align your actions with your spirit on February 9, according to your Chinese Horoscope. This opens the door for future successes. What seem to be unwanted surprises on February 21 turn into something beneficial. Hold to your aspirations as the Dragon of Pure Virtue and let your spirit flow.


Your romantic desires are intense on February 10 as the Snake in the Pool. You have an intensity of purpose that serves you well in career and love. Bring your dreams down to earth and make them happen on February 22 as the Snake of Happiness. The evening offers abundant love.

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Seeing your partner exactly as they are, but holding them in a new light allows you a more loving relationship on February 11 as the Horse in the Stable. Be modest in your conversations on February 23. Then pour all of your feelings into focused action as the Palace Horse.


Confusion on February 12 clears as the day unfolds. This foretells a coming breakthrough as the Sheep in the Pasture. Your Year of the Serious Sheep begins on February 19 so redefine your resolutions for 2015. Your day of the Lucky Sheep is February 24. Pouring yourself into the needs of children or animals brings satisfaction.


February 1 is a perfect day to put your compassion into action as the Independent Monkey. A sense of longing is directed into creative success. February 13 is a Monkey Eating Fruit day. Consider your options and different future scenarios. A clear sense of spirit overcomes confusion on February 25, your day of the Elegant Monkey.


February 2 brings form to ideals as the Cock Pecking for Food, according to your Chinese Horoscope. A detail in your research could offer a goldmine. February 14 finds you feeling like a Caged Rooster until this Valentine’s evening offers romance with a fun twist. You have some surprises up your sleeve on February 26 that set things straight as the Barnyard Rooster.


Inspired ideas on February 3 allow you to correct old problems that you thought were hopeless as the Temple Dog. February 15 is a day of big surprises that you can manage well as the Watch Dog. Your day is filled with sexy thoughts on February 27 as the Guard Dog. Just combine them with your heartfelt spirit and have fun.

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February 4 is a good day to find satisfaction in daily chores followed by a relaxing evening as the Farmer Pig. The evening of February 16 is the time to launch new communications as the Pig in the Forest. Challenges on February 28 are managed through your generous heart as the Traveling Pig.

3 thoughts on “Your February Chinese Horoscope: Shifting Energies

  1. Gayle

    Chinese astrology is interesting, but for those of us born early in the year it can be tricky, as the Chinese New Year falls in February, but not always on the same day in February. I was born in 1956, but I’m actually a Sheep, not a Monkey, as my birth date was the day before the Chinese new year. So, Capricorns and Aquarius, do a little research and find out the exact date of the Chinese new year for your birth year, and then enjoy the fun.


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