Exploring Scorpio’s Dark Side

One of Scorpio’s many symbols is a phoenix rising from the ashes. Though those born under this sign are known to be mysterious, possessive and aloof, theirs is also the sign of transformation. Why not harness the energy of this time (the Sun is in Scorpio from October 23 – November 22) to plumb your own depths and come to grips with some of your darker qualities? Then you can decide which bad characteristics to expel and which naughty ones to expand (and/or expound) upon!

1. Turn Jealousy Into Commitment

If you’re anything like most stingers, jealousy is an emotion you know well, particularly in matters of the heart. Ask yourself when you feel envious if you’re being unreasonable (say resenting attractive people or worrying that someone else’s gain is your loss) or unfounded (suspecting a cheater when your mate’s never given reason). If so, it’s time to can the coveting. Trust that there’s plenty of success and love and fidelity to go around, and play up another Scorpio characteristic: Dedication. These guys know how to settle down! Adapt their work ethic and loyalty and you, too, can achieve whatever you set your mind to in life and in love!

2. Choose Transcendence Over Selfishness

We all want our way, and Scorpio is no different. In fact, these self-obsessed thinkers can get so caught up in themselves that they forget to take a breath. That said, they’re also wildly spiritual seekers who want to transcend their baser qualities, including jealousy and selfishness. Find a Scorpio who’s feeling good and doing good, and you’ll find a positivity magnet – their powers of attraction are unparalleled.

3. Don’t Mistake Naughty for Bad (or Evil for Acceptable)!

Of all the signs, Scorpio is the most comfortable with sex – and with power. They can go hand in hand, and can be used for good or evil purposes. The trick, then, is knowing the difference. Don’t give into your manipulative tendencies, as lesser-evolved Scorps are known to do. Instead, win people to your side with hard work, loyalty and emotional honesty (all Scorpionic traits). Let them earn your trust, but then give it fully and never lord it over those whom you have any form of power over. Conversely, let your inner devil may care attitude bring a little fun into the mix (and into the bedroom). Unleashing your saucy side can do more than steam up your sex life, it can deepen your connection! And, unlike Scorps, who even in their most evolved form are likely to harbor the desire for revenge (even when they don’t act upon it), don’t give into wrathful feelings when someone does you wrong. The universe will take care of restoring the balance, and if you try, well… karma is kind of like a Scorpio, too. She’s known to sting.

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4 thoughts on “Exploring Scorpio’s Dark Side

  1. Woman

    Scorpios do not have a “dark side”. They are pure narcisstic, manipulative E V I L .

    Do not engage in a fight with them (you will loose, they live for it) or try to avenge yourself from them, they act this way from a place of hurt and self-loathing, they are already miserable and are FOREVER stuck in bad karma.

    They appear as successful, fun and sexy but really, are just TRAGIC.

  2. cherylt

    When I am hurt by someone I as a Scorpio
    have learned that Karma as the article mentions , will take care of any negative situation rather than seeking revenge.
    I always wish the best for everyone.
    Karma is a Scorpio’s best friend

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  4. Cynthia Campos

    I am so very freaking tired!! These grown men I call my boys have gone to great lenghts to show there is no human forgiveness “not really” they also show me that men expect mamma to do everything. even if they are 28 and 21. Thats what I call runtime……..


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