Your Crescent Moon Forecast for September 2013

Eyes on the Prize!

From September 7 through September 11, the Moon is in Waxing Crescent, transiting from Libra, through Scorpio and into Sagitarrius. Traditionally, the Waxing Crescent Moon is a time when we butt up against resistance to change. While we’ve set our intentions at the New Moon, the struggle to implement new steps forward is now on—and it can be difficult. This is the phase wherein real transformation often gets thwarted by old habits that die hard. However, success is possible. The key is to charge ahead in an effort to actualize your intentions, remembering that the status quo is never quick to surrender. Only through effort do patterns relent and give way to new ways of being.

Remember, the Virgo New Moon was all about establishing and/or leaning into a routine in order to accomplish your goals. With that in mind, here are three things to consider during this particular influence.

A Balanced Approach

If what you’re pursuing is not in balance with your needs, or if it throws an established routine out of whack, you’re bound to struggle more. Make sure your approach is even tempered and in the name of your own highest good. This is particularly valid during the Libra days of September 7 and 8. While you need not take a break from your pursuits, you’ll want to take time to breathe too.

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Seek Truth Through Action

Depth and transformation are the order of the day with a Scorpio Moon. Your intuition is at a high and so is your intellect. You’re particularly powerful on September 9 and 10, provided you don’t wallow in over-analysis and doomsday predictions instead of taking practical, meaningful action. How do you feel about what you’re doing? Do you feel positive? If not, tweak the plan!

“Be persistent and patient and you will achieve your dreams.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265


Fire Sign Sagittarius encourages overt enthusiasm and horizon expansion. You may feel your energy lift on the 11th and it’s the Archer you can thank. Seize on that boost to jump back on any wagon you’ve fallen from, or to hypercharge any progress you’ve been making. You’ll have a keen sense of judgment now and be able to see the first signs of progress.

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39 thoughts on “Your Crescent Moon Forecast for September 2013

  1. cathy

    your amazing its all so true iam going threw changes and making things happen quicker than i thought coming my way alt of challanges i am a service user at Mind then after 3 years ive volunteered to be a trustee for us service users i want to give back to Mind for helping me over come my mental health problems i started a group for service users called talking heads iam the chairwoman now today iam olso the volunteer for the arts and crafts group going to be running that at Mind as the art cordinater has resigned we need the art group to keep running thats what i love and it played a big part on me getting better thank you i will take note as theres alot coming on meatings training ect to keep helping me back to better health and getting out to the world mentall health we all suffer from in one way or another in our life time and we shouldnt be judged for it and it shouldnt stop us living our dreams ive got over my cancer with there help and flown for the first time in a plane using my past experiences to do the work iam doing now there you can do anything in life dont give up work with what youv got and turn it to your advantage not a disadvantage thank you for this message its gave my confidence another boost to keep doing what iam doing and i will get there and help alot of other people with a mental health illness all the best goodhealth and happiness love faith and hope to you all thanks cathy x

  2. Fran

    I find it funny that all of these sags’ are looking for the same thing incite on the future, love, money. I really believe after reading this that people just need friends to talk to, to relate to, to share time and feelings with. I know I am raising three boys that are family not of my own with special needs and it’s not the need of a partner but the need of friends to take me away from my own needs and to share my dreams without having to be committed to someone except love of friend ship. I think of all of the above but know time will show me the door that opens all of my needs as I walk this life.
    Be patient my friend Sags’


    MY BUSINESS IS SO SLOW I NEED HELP PAYING MY RENT ? My mind keeps wondering . i have to be able to pay bills PAST DUE …help

  4. Lori

    Ive made some big mistakes reguarding my children.and now i think its to late.i cant stand not knowing if its going to be dasterious.oops spelling……i know what i have to do ..i just hope this mistake doesnt take my children away from me

  5. Jasmine

    I think I am pregnant but I’m not sure I’ve missed my period for the month of August have not had intercourse for about 15 to 16 weeks am I pregnant?

  6. Bre

    My love of my life and I broke up after almost 2 years, we both had a really hard time ending it. I feel like it was the biggest mistake to end. Will we ever get back together?

  7. Belle

    Seems that I am really not interested in having a relationship with anyone
    other then my former husband. We see one another, however he is just so
    difficult for me to express my true feelings about his mouth.
    I am going to retire at sometime . My family would like me to move
    to Calif. Expensive move.. Feel that I should just STAY.

  8. crystal

    I was told I would have a 2nd marriage,have I met that man yet and if I have any clues on who that is n how long it will be if an when this may happen?

  9. evangeline batucan

    it happened that i turn between 2 lovers now and i really feel very uncomfortable about it….i feel im inlove with my first bf and i really hv to much mercy with my second bf…its really hard for me to decide and choose whom of them i will drop ….i need your help….whom of them is my destiny to be my lifetime partner…..

  10. rosa

    Is it possible that u can have a crush on your f–k buddy and is it only temporary because i find a little hard to get over

  11. Samantha Miller

    Do you think you could tell me if I’ve already met the man I’m going to marry? It’d be great to find out.

  12. marabra

    Hello there i was with my ex for.1year and.some months i still love.him tho we had lots of problems in are relationships and we end up breaking up i still have stronge feeling for him and care for him but all i want is for him to be happy i found out that he is going out with someone i was just wondering if its time for me to let go and move on or should i hold on and expect him to come back are love was crazy and like no other but we were always there for each other

  13. Matthew Raymond

    Thanks for the info, wish I could sit at a table with you !!!
    Really need some insight in my life.
    But do not have $ to pursue


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