‘Cop Out’ Astrology

Cop Out hits theaters this weekend, attempting to revive the buddy cop comedy genre made so famous by Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hours. But will these two seeming opposites have the chemistry it takes to make the shtick click? Let’s have a look at their natal charts to see:

Water, Water Everywhere
It’s been said that people of the same elements — Earth, Air, Fire, or Water — have an innate understanding of each other. With that in mind, Pisces Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955) and Scorpio Tracy Morgan (born November 10, 1968), should have no problem at all working together — on screen as their characters, or behind the scenes playing those roles.

While Morgan is the funny guy to Willis’s straight man, they’re on an equally balanced astrological playing field, where many of their strengths and weaknesses are similar. For instance, in addition to their Water-Sign Suns, both men have Watery Mercury placements — again, Pisces and Scorpio, this time in reverse. The result? Depth and emotional intuition for Stinger Morgan (hence the ability to turn awkward silence into comic genius), and an emotional nature complete with psychic tendencies for Piscean Willis, who can be easily agitated by outside events (giving his partner plenty to work with), specifically because he is so sensitive to them. In fact, both Morgan and Willis have around 50 percent of their placements in Water Signs, indicating that these are two emotionally driven actors whose partnership should flow easily, except …

Not Just Tides, but Tables Turned
The one place these two charts become disjointed is with their Moon placements — which may actually be a bonus, since conflict is a necessary component of any worthwhile story. Whereas Morgan’s Cancer Moon further buoys his aquatic attitude (making him even more sensitive than his fish friend and co-star), only unlike the placid Pisces, he’s likely to reach out and pinch — or sting — when offended). Willis, on the other hand, brings an intellectual Aquarius Moon to the table, turning things upside down. Thanks to this, his straight-man persona is just as witty as his funnyman co-star’s, and much more logical than his Sun Sign suggests.

The result? While Morgan may be the one landing the punch lines, it’s Willis’ grounded nature that makes them so absurdly funny. Furthering this dynamic is the fact that Morgan’s Venus in Sag and Aries Saturn can make him come off like a hothead, whereas Willis’s nearly fire-free chart and Virgo Ascendant (with Mars in Taurus) make him even more relatable to audiences.

In the end, all of this points toward a positive (and positively hilarious) prognosis, indicating that Cop Out should be cosmic (and comic) gold.

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