Chinese New Year 2010

Heads up! Chinese New Year’s shift in energy on February 14th, 2010, from the Year of the Earth Ox to the Year of the Metal Tiger, should be startling, to say the least.

Tiger is big, bold and dramatic. Tiger is also unpredictable, often reckless, yet, surprisingly, can be very indecisive as well. The only emotion that Tiger will never arouse in others is indifference! Tiger celebrities include Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Stevie Wonder and Garth Brooks.

Offsetting its recklessness, Tiger is the luckiest of all Chinese Astrology signs. Although the unpredictability and rashness of Tiger’s rule can generate a great deal of chaos, Tiger years also often have breakthroughs against seemingly impossible odds. If you want to launch a controversial idea, or finally push through something that has met with countless obstacles, now is the time.

To add to the intensity, this Tiger year is ruled by Metal, one of five Chinese elements — Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth – that cycle through rulership of the signs in Chinese Astrology. No matter what sign it rules, Metal adds resolution, inflexibility and a cutting edge. People born in a Metal-influenced year can seem cold and unwilling to compromise.

Your personal forecast for 2010:
If you aren’t sure which Chinese Lunar Astrology sign you are, just keep adding 12 to your birth year until you get one of the base numbers listed below — and that will probably be your Chinese sign. However, since the exact New Year’s date changes annually, if you were born in January or February you’ll need to do a little research to be sure of your sign.

Rat (2008) – As long as you’re fast on your feet and avoid risky situations, this should be a good year. Just remember that Tiger is a cat, and you’re a rodent!

Ox (2009) – Tiger’s typical drama and chaos can be difficult for Ox, but Metal is your most favorable element. Your natural caution will help.

Tiger (2010) – This could be too much of a good thing, so don’t blindly count on your normal luck. If you overdo, your failures could be more spectacular than your successes.

Rabbit (1999) -Tiger has a soft spot for bunnies, so you could get lucky. However, the speed, stress, and controversy could be wearing.

Dragon (2000) – Don’t try to beat Tiger this year – joining forces is the key to success. Metal years can be tough for Dragons, so be thoughtful and cautious.

Snake (2001) – Do what Snakes do best, wait quietly under a rock and then strike quickly, and this could be a good year for you. But lay low until time to strike.

Horse (2002) – You fare best in Tiger years, although this year’s Metal element requires a bit of caution. You’ll still win a fair number of races.

Sheep (Ram, Goat) (2003) – This will be a definite improvement over last year, and if you keep your cool and diligently avoid arguments, you should overcome challenges.

Monkey (2004) – Metal may be your element, but Tiger is your nemesis. However, if you can ignore your itch to play games and tweak Tiger’s tail, you could make it through unscathed.

Rooster (2005) – Diplomacy may not be your strong suit, but it’s your best bet this year. Let last year’s successes keep you happy until Tiger is out of the picture.

Dog (2006) – Dog is the big winner in this Tiger year! Get off the sidelines and go for your impossible dream, because this year you can do no wrong.

Pig (Boar) (2007) – If you conserve energy and keep your cool, no matter what the provocation, this will be an excellent year for you.

You can double your fun this year and plan to have a flamboyant, romantic, Tiger-ish Valentine’s Day. Wear plenty of red, because it’s also the Chinese color of good fortune, and add some firecrackers and noisemakers to your celebration to usher in the Chinese New Year properly!

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