Chinese Love Forecast

Chinese New Year, which happens to fall on Valentine’s Day in 2010, ushers in the most extravagant, audaciously romantic of all the Chinese Lunar Astrology signs: The Tiger. The sign of livin’ large, sweeping romantic gestures and plenty of drama, Tiger’s influence, which begins on February 14th, will incite and challenge us until February 2, 2011.

Sounds great? Well, it depends on how much you value peace and quiet, because one thing the Year of the Metal Tiger will not encourage is smooth, harmonious, quietly compatible relationships. If you have pined for years over a love that seems impossible, the energy of bold, lucky Tiger just might make your dreams come true. But if you’re in a romantic situation that requires subtlety and diplomacy, this could be a trying year.

In addition to the naturally flamboyant nature of Tiger, romance is also affected by a second cycle that is part of Chinese Astrology, that of the basic five Chinese elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. This second cycle moves the elements in pairs through the Chinese lunar zodiac, so they only rule a sign once every 60 years, with the last Year of the Metal Tiger occurring in 1950.

Put simply, the Metal element can be pretty hard on romance. While it doesn’t diminish Tiger’s natural intensity, Metal gives Tiger a cold edge, and an unusual lack of flexibility. Because Metal is a difficult element for Tiger, it can make for a turbulent, challenging year on many fronts. The self-centered, fickle and competitive nature of this Metal Tiger year could make compromise, diplomacy, faithfulness and kindness in relationships hard to come by.

Your Love Possibilities
If you aren’t sure which Chinese Lunar Astrology sign you are, just keep adding 12 to your birth year until you get one of the base numbers listed below, and that will probably be your Chinese sign. However, since the exact New Year’s date changes annually, if you were born in January or February you’ll need to double check to be sure which is your sign.

Rat (1996) – If you’re confident and adaptable, the first six months of this year could be excellent for love.

Ox (1997) – If you’re lucky, your love life this year will be more of the same — if not, then you’ll probably face some turmoil.

Tiger (2010) – Romance and social activities will be good for you this year, but be aware of your unusual cutting edge and temper it.

Rabbit (1999) – Tiger’s influence probably won’t have much effect on your love life, unless you let exasperation with all the drama get you down.

Dragon (2000) – Pay a little more attention than usual to others’ feelings and needs — you can handle Tiger’s energies, but others will need your understanding and support.

Snake (2001) – Your comfort with the element Metal is your ace in the hole this year — if you remember to flow with change in relationships, you’ll be fine.

Horse (2002) – Resist the urge to jump into anything. This is overall a good year for romance if you deliberately slow your usual headlong pace.

Sheep, Goat (2003) – The hectic pace of this year will make it difficult to focus on relationships. Don’t push yourself; it’s a year to conserve your energies.

Monkey (2004) – Love can be challenging this year. Honesty is the best policy! Also, avoid pushing your luck and testing people’s limits whenever possible.

Rooster (2005) – Fortunately, you know how to deal with this year’s turbulence, so that puts you in the driver’s seat in matters of love.

Dog (2006) – People see you clearly and adore you for who you are in 2010! Love is lucky this year and will go smoothly if you avoid cynicism.

Pig, Boar (2007) – You’ll be glad to know that your love life will be much better than last year, but avoid taking on too much in any area.

If you enjoy playing the game of love, this can be a fun year in spite of the Metal edge. Flings are more favored than long-term commitment, affection more than enduring love, and playing hard to get could win the prize. But fickleness doesn’t mean dishonesty this year, so if someone says they are really fond of you but doesn’t want a long-term “thing,” try enjoying the affection and letting go easily when the time comes.

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