Your Chinese Horoscope: Creative and Spiritual Freedom

Creative and Spiritual Freedom

Special Opportunities

Our Granary Rat month continues until January 10. It’s a great time to continue to work on balancing creative and spiritual freedom with being smart about growing your personal resources.

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From January 10 through the rest of the month, the Ox in the Byre offers its energy. This is a time when the comforts of home and making your home more beautiful will be a priority. Special opportunities arise for you to share your unique spirit on your January animal days. Read your Chinese horoscope below:



Note your bright new ideas on January 7 on this Granary Rat day and month. Set a goal date to make them real. On January 19 as the Rat on the Crossbeam, take care with thoughts and words and watch fear and confusion disappear. Romance and artistic experiences are perfect as you’re the Rat on the Mountain on January 31.


Nurture those creative projects on January 8 as the Ox in the Byre. This is a day to really build on those long-term relationship and career plans. January 20 is your Ox in the Road day in this Ox in the Byre month. Healing comes from free, new ways of thinking.


The new moon day of January 9 offers a burst of excitement and confusion as surprise events change old structures around you. As the Tiger Leaving the Mountain, you can help others see future possibilities. On January 21 use powerful emotions to create a passionate bond with someone special as the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


As the Rabbit in the Burrow on January 10, take the time to relax and review where you are in your life and what it takes to achieve what you want. January 22 is a day when your healing kindness is needed as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Breakdowns become breakthroughs.


Trust those flashes of a greater vision on January 11 as you are the Rain Dragon, according to your Chinese horoscope. Plan ways to put those great ideas into action. The full moon day of January 23 is a perfect time to relax all morning if possible as the Dragon in the Whirlpool. The afternoon is perfect for health-oriented activities.


Plan for your future as the Snake in the Field on January 12. Your bigger plans can succeed in love and life if you stay focused. Emotional challenges early on January 24 give way to joyous, playful fun later as you are the Snake Leaving a Hole.


You’re the winner as the Way Horse on January 1 by being generous, rather than taking an opportunity for vengeance. On January 13 you’re inspired with real wisdom as the Horse in the Clouds. January 25 is the perfect day to review recent events while considering new opportunities as the Traveling Horse.


Listening with a loving heart on January 2 has you calming everyone as the Sheep in a Flock. You’re feeling an intelligent generosity on January 14 as the Serious Sheep. Be kind but offer time and money wisely. Overcome negative thinking by knowing that your love and talents will win on January 26 as the Lost Sheep.


On January 3 cut loose in the afternoon as the Tree Monkey with your creative, unorthodox ideas. On high-energy January 15 find breakthrough possibilities as the Mountain Monkey. January 27 is perfect for your high energy and intelligence, creating joy as the Independent Monkey.


You are the Cock Crowing at Noon on January 4. Pour any feelings of doubt into passionate creativity. Channel excess energy into friendly sports on January 16. Then take time for contemplation as the Rooster of Solitude. January 28 is the day for you to be the effective, charming politician as the Cock Pecking for Food.


Take needed action in the early morning of January 5. The rest of the day is best devoted to relaxing as the Sleeping Dog. Use a gentle, intelligent approach January 17 and you change an intense situation into something positive as the Mountain Dog. Your true spirit and self-expression win through all challenges on January 29 as the Temple Dog.


A new way of thinking serves you well on January 6 as the Pig Traversing a Mountain. Let go of old self-doubt. Apply practical wisdom to create real abundance on January 18 as the Monastic Pig. An inclusive attitude in social activities on January 30 can bring beneficial connections as you are the Farmer Pig.

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