The Best Fun and Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts by Sun Sign

The Best Fun and Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts by Sun Sign

Clever Gifts to Give on Valentine’s Day

Single or attached, there’s no reason to ignore the passion of a fun and sexy Valentine’s Day. Get the jump on love’s favorite holiday by finding out your valentine’s Sun Sign and giving them a gift they’ll always remember. Make your Leo purr with excitement, taunt a Taurus with lavish gifts and soft kisses, or knock the socks (and maybe more) off of that sexy Scorpio. Here are the best Valentine’s Days gifts by Sun Sign!

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Some bold and trendy trinket that makes a statement is always nice. Or how about a cozy dinner for two cooked by a private chef? Turn up the heat with some sexy lingerie (for them, you, or both of you) and tell them you’re taking charge—at least for today.


These earthy creatures respond to extravagant gifts and great sex with equal abandon. No bull! So, why not give them both? Book a five-star hotel complete with an in-room couple’s massage and room service. They’ll think of Valentine’s Day every time they wear that cozy robe.


Imagine a cozy dinner, holding hands across a candlelit table. The Gemini mind loves atmosphere, like music softly playing in the background, and they’re listening intently as you divulge your plans for later when you get them alone.

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Valentine’s Day is made for this sensitive, sensual creature. Take charge and plan an evening that’s long on romance and full of plenty of long, deep kisses and lots of caressing. If you’ve done it right, you’ll know it when Cancer shows their fun and naughty side.


Anything you can do that makes the king of the jungle feel like royalty will be greatly received. A lavish dinner, a full-body massage or perhaps a little dessert in bed. But, what Leo wants most is your undivided attention. Give it and they’ll surely pounce on you in the sexiest way.


Body-conscious Virgo responds well to sexy bubble baths, sensual massages and they love being in control. Pamper their senses and then let them take the wheel. They’ll be sure to drive you to new heights of connectedness.


A perfect Valentine’s Day for Libra would include a balance of the classics and a little naughtiness. Slip a love note or a sexy photo of you in their pocket. Bring a little flair with candlelight and music. Set your mind on seduction and Libra won’t be able to say no.

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Appeal to sexy Scorpio’s risqué, covert-loving side. Excitement, mystery and a bit of a challenge will get you their undivided attention. For fun, make a date to meet them and wear a disguise. Seduce them as if you were a stranger and keep up the act all night. They’ll feel naughty and they’ll be thrilled.


Being fun and flirtatious is the way to make Sag’s Valentine’s Day special. They love outdoor activities, so take a hike through the woods where the two of you can be alone in nature. Play hide and seek or swing from the branches. Be bold and adventurous no matter what you do.


Turn up the heat with a little flirtatious anticipation of what’s to come. Peak their interest by giving this real-world sign a taste of fantasy pleasures. A simple gesture, like a hand on their knee, can quickly turn the night into the hottest scene from a naughty movie.


If you know Aquarius then you know kinky and quirky are their favorite adjectives. For Valentine’s Day, turn a romantic dinner into a tell-all of your naughtiest fantasy and you’ll be sure to turn them on.

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Pisces enjoys a rich fantasy life, so don’t be afraid to dive deep into your imagination for some fun and sexy ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day together. Anything you do to spoil them will set their cares adrift. Try a spa pedicure for two to make their toes tingle and their heart delight.

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