Bedroom Resolutions by Sign

Is your sex life in need of an overhaul – or at least a tune-up? Perhaps you’ve gotten stuck in a rut with your partner (same time, place, position), or you’ve stopped communicating your needs in the sack. Well, here’s the good news: Every sign has its talents and challenges in the bedroom. Whether you’re distracted, lonely, disinterested, impulsive, needy or unimaginative, with a little awareness and effort, you can find fulfillment between the sheets.

So why not make a New Year’s resolution to transform your sex life? Read your sign below to discover your passion pitfalls and ways to overcome them.

Capricorn: Staying power is the mark of this Earth sign, which can make passion percolate all night long and into the wee hours of the morning. The Goat will climb the highest mountain, so to speak, to satisfy their desire – and the desire of their partner. Their passion pitfall is ambition, which can supersede their time for play. The Goat’s New Year’s resolution is to balance time at work with time spent on more sensual connections.

Aquarius: The unconventional Water Bearer is usually up for some sexy (or shocking!) experimentation to keep their lover intrigued. As a brilliant Air sign, they have plenty of sexual theories they’d like to try out, and therein lies their passion pitfall – their need to remain detached can block true intimacy. The Water Bearer’s New Year’s resolution is to get out of the realm of theory and step into the irrational realm of true love.

Pisces: No doubt about it, the accommodating Fish aims to please, and no one is more intuitively attuned to a lover than this Water sign. Their need for a spiritual connection gives their passion a whopping dose of idealism. They love truly and deeply, which can lead to their passion pitfall: The Fish can lose their sense of self in a relationship. Their New Year’s resolution is to balance their partner’s needs with their own goals and dreams.

Aries: With lusty Mars as their ruler, the Ram has more than their fair share of sexual energy. They are direct and downright fearless when it comes to lust. Their passion pitfall is a fear of rejection, which can prompt them to act rashly – even ending a relationship prematurely – if they think their lover is losing interest or about to bolt. The Ram’s New Year’s resolution is to have more patience in working things out with their partner, in and out of the bedroom.

Taurus: Being the hedonists of the zodiac, the Bull’s carnal nature runs deep. They are super-sensual and straightforward in bed, willing to please (and be pleasured!). As a Fixed Earth sign, their passion pitfall is letting routine dampen their sex life. They crave security, but a sexual rut will eventually go from secure to stagnant. The Bull’s New Year’s resolution is to mix it up in the bedroom to keep the lust alive.

Gemini: The versatile Twin has an arsenal of sexual techniques that fans the flames of passion. As a brainy Air sign, they excel in witty naughtiness and salacious flirtations. Their mutable Air-sign nature, however, makes fickleness their passion pitfall. That’s because their brain is engaged while their heart may be safely out of the picture. The Twin’s New Year’s resolution is to deepen their relationship by revealing what’s in their heart.

Cancer: As the nurturers of the zodiac, Crabs have a deep wellspring of passion that’s fueled by emotional connections. They are eager to please and super-sensitive to their lover’s needs. Because their feelings drive their behavior, their passion pitfall is clinginess, especially if their needs aren’t being met by their partner. The Crab’s New Year’s resolution is to widen their emotional net to allow their friends to fulfill some of their needs for closeness.

Leo: No one does passion like a Lion. Their indomitable joie de vivre makes the boudoir a veritable den of delights. What’s more, this Fire sign is all heart and has a deep need to express their love. Their strong will and need for attention, however, can overpower those who embrace their flames. The Lion’s New Year’s resolution is to channel some of their passion into creative endeavors so they don’t emotionally overwhelm their partner.

Virgo: The Virgin is a passionate but pristine creature. This high-minded Earth sign can be daunting to less worthy souls, but once their sensuality is aroused, their attention to detail makes them adept at pleasuring their partner. Their quest for perfection is their passion pitfall. Clutter and unfinished tasks will distract them from the pleasures of the flesh. The Virgin’s New Year’s resolution is to tune out the mess and enjoy the moment.

Libra: Sex is an art form for Librans, who seek to create the ultimate romantic experience in the boudoir. As the ruler of partnerships, this Air sign finds pleasure in catering to a lover’s every whim – with irresistible charm and finesse. But they can be such people-pleasers that they don’t get their needs met in the bedroom. The Libran’s New Year’s resolution is to tell their partner what they desire between the sheets.

Scorpio: The Scorpion has a bottomless well of sexuality that can embrace – and possess – the body, mind and soul of their partner. They seek to uncover the deepest emotional and sexual recesses of anyone they’re involved with. Their passion pitfall is a fear of being vulnerable, which can make them overly controlling and hide their feelings behind an impenetrable barrier. The Scorpion’s New Year’s resolution is to release control and let love in.

Sagittarius: Perhaps nobody has as much fun in bed as this Fire sign. The Archer has a freewheeling sense of humor and loves a good time, especially if there’s plenty of spontaneity and adventure involved. And they have an array of playful techniques to make sex sizzle. Their passion pitfall is letting the tediousness of daily life dampen their desire. The Archer’s New Year’s resolution is keeping the passion alive while taking care of business.

So here’s to making some bedroom resolutions and ringing in the New Year with more sizzle in your sex life.

Cortney Litwin is the co-host of the Cosmic Sutra on KarmaSolRadio, an online talk show featuring astrology and dream interpretation.

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