The Basics and History of the 12 Signs of African Astrology

The Basics and History of the 12 Signs in African Astrology | California Psychics

Ancient Astrology

The continent of Africa is deeply mysterious, richly diverse, and utterly intriguing. Home to hundreds of distinct tribes with diverse language systems, it’s no surprise that unique astrology arose there.

It initially began with a fascination with astronomy. This merged with spirituality and indigenous culture. It is thought that this branch of astrology originally developed somewhere in western Africa.

Background of African Astrology

African astrology is derived from a divinatory technique known as Geomancy. Three bones are cast onto a flat surface by the practitioner and the lines and angles that they form create a twelve-point system representing the twelve signs of the African zodiac.

The dates and imagery are completely different from western astrology. Where it’s similar though, is that each sign corresponds with one of the four elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, and with a part of the body.

Certain days of the week and certain months favorable to each sign are delineated. It describes the energy essence of each sign and predicts environments and behavior likely to be associated with them.

Let’s have a look.

The Twelve Signs of African Astrology

The Baobab Tree

Jan. 4 – Feb. 3

Honest, genuine, and thoughtful, you are realistic and caring in business. Successful through persistence and an ability to reach for opportunity.

This sign is associated with the Air element. Its lucky day is Thursday. Your lucky months are January and May, and you are associated with the liver and gall bladder.

The Wealth of Amber and Silver

Feb. 4 – Mar. 5

This sign is representative of wealth and a quick and penetrating intellect. You must be in touch with your inner self to feel alive. You can be charitable when you want to be and are an excellent mentor, once you are successful.

You are of the Air element and are associated with Wednesday. The nervous system is the most important part of the body to people of this sign.


Mar. 6 – Apr. 4

These natives are rooted in history and solidarity within the tribe. Your chief characteristic is hospitality. You are reserved but deeply caring. You despise lying and pettiness and are consulted for your inner wisdom. Loyalty to the community is always foremost in your mind.

You relate to Tuesday and love the months of March and July. This sign is associated with the lungs, and you are of the Earth element.

Small Services to the Neighborhood

Apr. 5 – May 4

You are the activists of the African Zodiac. You need to be needed, and sometimes this becomes a weakness if carried too far, but the tribe relies on your caring and participatory nature. You express love through service to the community.

This sign is associated with Saturday, the Earth element, and the sense of hearing. The ears are the most sensitive organ. You are lucky during the months of April and August.

The Market

May 5 – June 4

The light of morning and the inspiration of nature carry you to success. Ever enthusiastic, you must be reminded to not squander vital energy. If you retain your inner poise by seeking the center of being, you remain calm and happy, as well as productive.

This sign is the most tactile, and you are associated with the sense of touch. Your best day is Sunday, and you favor the months of May and September. You are of the Fire element with a love for drama and intensity.

The Ancestor

June 5 – July 4

The Ancestor is supported by those who are underneath, and they tend to get involved with and sometimes live through others. Their function is to govern and guide. By detaching from egoism and promoting a tolerant and impartial attitude, they realize their dreams.

Ancestors are associated with the Water element. Their best day is Monday. The months of June and October favor them. The sense of taste belongs to them, and their most sensitive body part is the head.

The Judge

July 5 – Aug. 4

You are an ambitious person with a strong, invincible will. However, you channel this strength for the betterment of other humans. While other signs are still engaged in childish activities at a young age, you were taken up by serious concerns. Judges are grounded in their power by solitude and it brings their spirituality out.

Your favorite day is Tuesday. Your favorite months are July and November. You are of the Fire element, and your most important organs are the kidneys.

The Kola Nut

Aug. 5 – Sept. 3

You are vulnerable and feeling. Joyful and comfortable with a certain amount of imbalance, you are sensual and free. Like the Kola nut, akin to ginger and pepper, you draw powerful people into your circle, because timid souls are afraid of you. You, however, are afraid of nothing, including the unknown.

You are of the Earth element and your best day is Wednesday. Your best months are August and December. The strongest part of your body is your sexual organs.

The Traveler

Sept. 4 – Oct. 3

Your departure makes you and your village sad, but hopeful. Your new destination views you with enthusiasm and reserve. You travel the terrain of your ancestors and meet them between the worlds on your journeys. You are a close companion of mystics and poets. You are sensitive and complex, and therefore often misunderstood. The wind and rain, the terrain and texture of the trees, whisper mysteries to you from Spirit.

Your best day is Thursday and your best months are January and September. Your most sensitive body parts are your feet and joints, and you are of the Air element.

The Distance

Oct. 4 – Nov. 3

You are the heart and passion of the world. You have bursts of ecstatic creativity, and harbor a fear of banality and routine. Although you are spontaneous and impatient, when you are truly in love, you find the reserves to go the distance with your loved one.

Your best day is Friday. Your most successful months are February and October. Your heart is the most significant organ you possess, and you are of the Water element.

The Child of the Word

Nov. 4 – Dec. 3

You love center stage and give your courage and inspiration to your associates. The Child of the Word has the ability to speak for their group. They infuse everything around them with fresh life energy and are alchemists of words and solutions that make everything seem wonderful.

You tend to live a comfortable and good life, especially after finding the right partner. When using your abilities in the highest way, you attract others’ loyalty and generosity.

You belong to the Fire element and you are associated with the viscera. Your best day is Saturday, and your best months are March and November.

The Harvest and the Granary

Dec. 4 – Jan. 3

You are a symbol of abundance and provision. Your pantry is stocked, and extra resources are plentiful. Others solicit your attention because you are a sign of stability. This can hold you back from your truest potential if you let it lull you into complacency.

Most of the time your foresight and sobriety are comforting and calming to others. You have the ability to garner a great amount of support because people trust you.

Your element is Water. Your day is Tuesday. Your months are December and April. Your skin and bones are your key organs.

Something to Try

Meditate on one of the African Astrology images each morning and night for one week. Notice the insights you receive and the important self-knowledge that you gain. Record your reflections in a journal. The complexity and depth of African Astrology symbols are profound.

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