Basic Astrology: Your Fourth House

How do you define home? Is it a place, a state of mind, a group of friends? Is it being comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel safe in and of yourself, or do you always feel ill at ease? These are all fourth house issues.

The Fourth House is the natural house of Cancer, ruled by the emotional Moon. In your natal chart it reveals our relationship with home, parents (especially your mother), ancestors, early childhood as well as the last years of life.

For adults, most of the reading of the fourth house will have to do with home, and how you create a place for ourselves in your life, where you’ve make a sanctuary, a retreat, or a sacred place. This is also the space where you nurture yourself and those you love.

The planets in your fourth house reveal how you engage in the process of becoming a true, actualized and individualized self, at home in yourself, and in your life. Checking what planets live in this house on your natal chart will help you see the benefits and challenges you were born with this lifetime.

Fourth House Sun
You feel strong and confident expressing yourself in the domestic sphere. You are powerfully motivated to create ‘home’ in your image according to your definition of family and nurturance. You may have struggled as a child, but the second half of life will be crowned with fortune and vitality.

Fourth House Moon
You are rooted with deep emotional ties to whatever feels like ‘home’ to you. In your life parental influence is highlighted and you have a deep need to nurture others while also being protected from the painful realities of the world outside your home. Home is fulfillment and the sacred hearth for you.

Fourth House Mercury
Your ‘home’ is in the life of the mind, you feel secure and happy when expressing yourself intellectually, mentally or through education. Your early home life was framed by parents who valued intelligence and culture over other things in life. Since your mind is your home, a domestic base is of little importance to you, perhaps indicating a nomadic existence.

Fourth House Venus
All of Venus’ aesthetic and loving urges will groundswell from your home. Not for you a messy home of cluttered accidental objects. Instead you’ll have pride of place, and a lovely place it’ll be. Your early life and your connection to your parents was as ideal as humanly possible, making happiness in marriage easier for you than for others.

Fourth House Mars
Hotheaded Mars in the domestic arena can mean an early life of passionate fights, with an aggressive drive to create security and stability at all costs. This active, masculine energy in the house of the ‘home’ mean lots of energy and activity for life, and little interest in things domestic, and perhaps little desire for marriage. Yet, you may be patriotic or defensively devoted to your personal allotment of land.

Fourth House Jupiter
The planet of luck and good fortune in this placement often means a gentle and happy connection with parents; such a comfortable connection for all involved that you may not become truly independent ’til later in life. Your parents, especially your mother, are a positive influence. You radiate bonhomie, are popular and attractive to others, making you exceptionally lucky in friendships, marriage and business. Best of all, your luck will only grow as you age.

Fourth House Saturn
Home is security for you, and security is paramount to your sense of self. You are likely to save and invest carefully, planning well for your old age. You have no appreciation or tolerance for change and can be difficult to live with, as change is inevitable. Early childhood may have been restrictive, strict and you may have had to bear heavy responsibilities in your family. Interestingly given your need for security, moving far away from home will bring you happiness.

Fourth House Uranus
Your childhood may have been highly changeable, or highly unusual, inventive and creative. Throughout your life ‘home’ will be the arena of change, usually sudden and unexpected. You’ll value and need freedom, so much so that it may be difficult to establish a permanent home base.

Fourth House Neptune
With the planet of creativity and mysticism in your fourth house, you’ll likely have deep and perhaps unconscious emotional ties to whatever represents ‘home’ to you. There may have been underlying issues in your early home environment perhaps alcoholism or drug addiction; or more positively you may have had a dreamily impractical spiritual or musical parent. As you grow older, things mystical, creative and musical will have a growing fascination for you, meaning you may withdraw from the social whirl.

Fourth House Pluto
This placement indicates both a deep and passionate attachment to ‘home’ in all its forms. It can also indicate an early childhood dominated by power struggles and attempts to dominate and subjugate.

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