Attraction by Element

Why does one person get your heart racing and another make you want to run? How can the same person cause you to melt while leaving your best friend cold? Attraction is a complicated thing – unless you look at it elementally!

The zodiac divides the signs up into four elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Each element has a unique approach to love. Fire signs are, well, fiery – tempestuous, impulsive and require special handling. Air signs are intellectual. They’re idealists and sex is as much mental as it is physical. On the other hand, Earth signs are “earthy” (read: grounded) by their very nature. They’re deeply sensual, very physical and strong in their lovemaking. Water signs, it’s no surprise, are like the ocean, even in bed! Sometimes they’re calm and easy-going, while others they’re storm-tossed – but they’re always unfathomably deep.

So, whatever element you are, if you’re wondering who will fan your flames, plumb your depths, make your heart soar or dig into your soul, here’s your guide.

Fire it up!
If you’re a hot blooded Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) who will trip your trigger? Try other fire signs for the most sparks and heat. Air signs, like wind on wildfire, can also take you to amazing heights. Earth signs, however, tend to try and contain you. And who wants to come back down to earth when you’re having a raging good time? Worse, Water signs may be too heavy – they can dampen your spirits and douse the embers of attraction!

It’s in the Air…
When you’re a freedom loving, visionary Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) who will you want to knock boots with? For starters, fire definitely takes you higher (and makes you work harder which you like)! Earth, however, takes all your electricity and grounds it… which may or may not be a good thing. Water, on the other hand, makes you feel in a little over your head. When you want to float to ethereal heights in the bedroom, they might make you drown. Best of all, other air signs are matches made in heaven. Their light touch and free spirit will send you into ecstasy.

Heaven on Earth
If you’re a passionate Earth sign (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) only raw physical energy turns you on. You find other Earth signs similarly rarin’ to go with an innate understanding of the sweaty, playfully rough touch that makes you go mad. That said, the deep qualities of Water signs can work their magic on you and the effect can be even more intense. Like waves pounding against the cliffs, they’re just perfect for you. Fire and Air, conversely, sometimes intrigue you, but they don’t ultimately understand you.

Still or stormy: Water runs deep…
Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) have a five-octave range from tranquil and sensitive to wildly tempestuous. Therefore, you need someone who can handle your orchestral maneuvers. You’d think this would be a natural for the intensity of Fire, but just like in nature, Water tends to put Fire out. Other Water signs can flow with your every move and every mood, while Earth signs bring out the most physical and passionate parts of you. Air signs are too flighty for your intense tastes.

Whatever element you fall into, never doubt the power of chemistry and nature! It can extend far beyond the cosmos.

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