Astrology: The Signs and Qualities of a Mother’s Love

Astrology’s View of Motherhood

If you’re about to become a mother or you’re just looking for the deeper meaning of why your mother said and did the things she did, then here’s an astrological look at how a mother shows her love. Let’s take a look at you mother’s fourth house—the house that represents family and home—to see where your mother got her parenting style from.

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Interestingly, it seems that all the signs benefit from the influence of another sign that is unlike their own in many ways, and in some cases, the complete opposite. However, what they all do have in common is that their Sun sign is the same “quality” as their Motherhood sign—Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. In other words, the initiators, the maintainers or the preparers.


Fourth House Sign: Cancer

Quality: Cardinal

Here, Aries’ fierce independence turns into fierce, protective mommy mode. Cancer is the zodiac’s sign of motherhood, and the Aries mother keeps a close eye on her brood. She dotes on them as if the whole universe revolved around them—and it certainly does. Aries may even surprise herself at her overly attentive, motherly instincts.


Fourth House Sign: Leo

Quality: Fixed

In mommy mode, Taurus becomes the proud mother lion who provides the best of everything for her children. Her children’s bedrooms may also have all the perks of a Hollywood dressing room. She is so proud of her kids that she wants to share their accomplishments in school, sports and life with everyone.


Fourth House Sign: Virgo

Quality: Mutable

Geminis typically live an unrestrained lifestyle, that is until motherhood arrives and they become focused on Virgoan-like issues such as good health. As a mother, she could create organic baby food recipes for her kids that she could later turn into a thriving business. Gemini mothers and their kids will have lots of adventures together.


Fourth House Sign: Libra

Quality: Cardinal

Nothing can beat the bond that a Cancer mom and her child have. Libra’s influence promotes togetherness, making mother and child inseparable. The child gives Cancer mom a fresh perspective and she give her kids a well-rounded, fun-filled existence. As they learn and grow together, they certainly are like two peas in a pod.


Fourth House Sign: Scorpio

Quality: Fixed

There are similarities here as both signs love to be in charge. However, when Leo becomes a mom, her usual trusting and open nature turns more cautious and protective. They’ll share music, laughter and adventures. Their bond is close, although mom may have a tendency to hold on a bit tight when the child starts to explore outside the nest.


Fourth House Sign: Sagittarius

Quality: Mutable

Motherhood brings on a wonderful change in a Virgo woman’s life. Although she’ll probably continue to focus on a somewhat healthy lifestyle for her family, she’ll also become a little more carefree and childlike herself, and not as worrisome or full of self-doubt as Virgos sometimes are.


Fourth House Sign: Capricorn

Quality: Cardinal

When live-and-let-live Libra gets a dose of motherhood, she miraculously becomes an ultra-organized and possibly even punctual parent. She’ll still be fun but with an added focus, mostly on her child’s development. Her child will probably never realize what a real rule-breaker their mother might have been.


Fourth House Sign: Aquarius

Quality: Fixed

This is where night meets day, but it somehow works. While Scorpio is all about emotional attachments, Aquarius is not. As a result, the Scorpio mom wants to not only be a mom, but a friend as well. This relationship will be unlike any other she experiences, and it requires her to find balance in order to parent consistently.


Fourth House Sign: Pisces

Quality: Mutable

When the adventurous, spontaneous Sag finds motherhood, she quickly makes it her priority. The journey is now about creating a bond and watching her child grow into a person. Underneath that hard-lined exterior she’ll find her soft, sentimental center. Also, Sag’s usual generous nature may go a little overboard in mommy mode.


Fourth House Sign: Aries

Quality: Cardinal

Both signs are leaders in their own right, but the Aries influence has a very direct and expressive side that reticent Capricorn is not used to. As a mother, Capricorn will become more spirited and determined. She is more willing to take risks and take charge more than ever—doing whatever it takes for her child.


Fourth House Sign: Taurus

Quality: Fixed

Once motherhood touches the uninhibited, unconstrained Aquarian, it’s as though she suddenly becomes more reliable and prone to routine, providing a stable environment for her child. While she may remain somewhat of a wild card in other areas of life, when it comes to motherhood, she is a person transformed.


Fourth House Sign: Gemini

Quality: Mutable

While often fun and affable, Pisces can also be a bit deep and sometimes even negative, but that all ends when motherhood knocks on her door. Her playful, fun-loving side emerges and takes over. She and her children bond through open communication and a relationship that includes friendship.

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