Astrology Reveals Your Most Motivated Months in 2016

Your Most Motivated Months in 2016

Your Most Motivated Months

2016 is the year where the unbelievable becomes fact, so direct your efforts accordingly. You’ll be thrilled, upset, overwhelmed and delighted. But how motivated will you be and and when is the best time to act? Your sun sign guides your actions in accordance with this year’s energy.

2016 is a year of possibilities for your sign. Find out how to make the most of this energy during an astrology reading!


When others picture a motivated person, they think of you. But even you have experienced occasional burnout over the past four years. Yet, nothing gets you going like a challenge. Your highest-energy months are April and October 2016. Also, from March through September you’ll have an incredible creative and romantic/sexual flow.


You like imagining the comfort, pleasure and benefits at the end of the road to motivate yourself, and 2016 is a year when those goals are in sight. Creativity, romance/sex, and children all benefit from your efforts through September. Springtime is normally your best part of the year and this one is greatly enhanced for you, so go for it!


Intellectual exchanges drive you. During March through September you’re motivated by partners and people who openly challenge you. Social and Internet activities help you manage home life and career demands during March and June. This is the time when you challenge all your dreams/fears, allowing for breakthroughs. October brings new creative drive.


You have tons of energy this year in your communications and work life. Challenges during January set the stage for beneficial changes over the coming year. Passions run highest to drive you from January through March and in June and July. Focus on making your home match your dreams beginning in October.


If you’re looking to work on your home in 2016, this is the perfect year in January and February, and again in June and July. On a side note, your parents may need your assistance in some ways that will offer you benefits in the future. Put energy into organizing financial gains through September.


Starting in 2015 and continuing in 2016, your passionate desire to help others and see justice served throws you into unexpected leadership roles. Partners look to you for clarity and direction. Working on your home life serves you in March through May and August through October. If managed well, you’ll see a return on your investment over the following year.


You’ll find yourself managing communications during March through May and in August through October. Pushing through the challenges and building bridges between people at these times bring success. After lifestyle challenges in February, April and July, you’ll find real benefits and joy beginning in October.


This is a perfect year to be motivated by your passions—particularly from January through March and in June and July when people are impressed by your power and energy. Social activities and the Internet offer you outlets to “show your stuff” through September. Inspired thought drives you, particularly in March, July and November.


2016 is full of challenges for you that can really build your future. Motivation through determination and creative inspiration is the key for the coming year. Rise above negative thoughts and fears in March, June and August through September. They aren’t founded in reality. Temporary frustrations will give way over the next year.


Like Aries, people are amazed at your natural motivation. You’ve been through a transformation of self, career, relationships, and your sense of security since 2012. You’re “big-picture” driven and don’t stop until you’ve achieved goals. Those objectives are within sight in 2016. Expect a creative year with new positive feelings.


You have special drive in 2016 in the areas of communication and innovation. Career challenges in January through March and June through July bring later success. Spiritual pursuits and travel are highlighted beginning in October, so let those goals energize you.


This year is all about taking inspiration and turning it into motivation—particularly in your career. You are most driven in March through May and August through October so plan to use these times. You have inspired energy in February through March and again in June if you stay balanced. Partners offer motivation this year, so let their passions fire you up.

Never forget that every challenge is a motivator in life. They’re the real key to growth and happiness.

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