Astrology Basics: Your Third House

Do you often wish you could pull words back into your mouth? Are you often misunderstood? Do your overnight trips end with you refreshed or frustrated? Is your sister or brother a constant support or a consistent aggravation? All of these areas and more are tied to the third house of your birthchart. It’s the house of Gemini and ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, short travels, commuting, siblings and information. It also reveals how we deal with information, our learning style and how we communicate with others.

To really understand and successfully manage this important area of your life, it’s important to know what influences you were born with. Interpreting the planet(s) found in your third house will arm you with foreknowledge and give you the ability to understand and manage this area differently.

Third House Sun
Your focus this lifetime is on communication, this is an ideal placement for a writer, educator or information specialist. You pride yourself on your ability to learn, to deal with information and you’re quick – so quick that you can be a bit unkind to those less skilled. You’re also someone who needs stimulation, which can make you restless and impatient. Yet, you’re diplomatic and optimistic making you very popular.

Third House Moon
All the emotional, dreamy qualities of the moon lend you an unearthly ability to communicate and understand emotions; you’ll be noted for your insight, intuition and empathy in matters of the heart. You’ll also be studious when your heart is involved in the subject. You have a deep soul-need for growth, emotional and intellectual. If you begin to feel trapped or bored, you’ll take refuge in daydreams and fantasy rather than initiating necessary change. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with routine, fight your tendency to avoid reality and push forward.

Third House Mercury
When Mercury lives in this house, all its powers are brought to bear, undiluted. You’ll be smart, witty and social, admired for your social graces, as well as your ability to deal gracefully and adeptly with a great deal of information. Your mind will be quick, yet your interest flags quickly, you have to have movement, change and stimulation. Others may perceive you as superficial, as you do not like to linger or dig into a subject, so choose your profession well to turn that active mind to your advantage.

Third House Venus
This is a fortunate placement, usually indicating harmony in early life with siblings and learning. Venus rules aesthetics, so you often would show marked creativity early in life, both artistically and artistically. As an adult, often finding happiness means making a commitment to writing. You’re also gifted with the ability to create harmony and agreement wherever you go, and are prized for your social abilities.

Third House Mars
Mars gives you a strong, active mind, prone to quick impulsive conclusions and impatient with slower more measured minds. Your verbal flash and parry can also make you combative, particularly with siblings and co-workers. Not afraid of a fight you may go for the jugular, using the truth as a weapon. If you can manage your competitiveness and impatience your mental energy will be the source of your success.

Third House Jupiter
Lucky Jupiter rules education, philosophy, truth seeking, spirituality, publishing and writing. Your expansive ability to command complicated, theoretical and philosophical information will be widely admired and is the key to your success. Your family relationships are usually beneficial and comforting for all involved.

Third House Saturn
Saturn settles nicely into your third house; it gives your mind clarity, discipline and practicality. No fool, you. You’re usually taken quite seriously when you offer an opinion, as you usually don’t, having considered all the possible consequences for getting involved at all. At work your ideas are well regarded for their utility and substance, their practical implementation and their caution. Yet, you may have had problems in early educational experiences giving you some self-doubt around your ability to communicate and even your intelligence. Override this intellectual insecurity and you’ll be even more widely respected.

Third House Uranus
You crazy genius! Wild, inspired erratic Uranus gives you all its radical, changeable mental power. You’re in possession of a rebellious intellect that comes up with stunningly spontaneous yet brilliant ideas. This wild mind makes you constitutionally incapable of being obedient in restrictive intellectual situations, probably making early experiences in school difficult for all concerned. Your changing and radical ideas may be the cause of rifts between you and your siblings and co-workers. Yet, your unique unfettered mind is your fortune.

Third House Neptune
Dreamy, inspired, spiritual Neptune resides in your house of communication, making you wonderfully creative, intuitive and spiritually attuned. You’ll only be happy in a career that draws on your creativity, but be sure to partner with practical people who respect you. You are many things, a dreamer, a mystic, a creator but you are often not at all realistic. If you can harness your creativity rather than dissipating it with daydreaming and insecurities you should go far.

Third House Pluto
Your deeply penetrating mind may make some people afraid of you, while magnetically drawing others to you. Your mind automatically sees beneath the surface to the hidden depth below, which can be disconcerting to those incapable of seeing beyond the superficial. Your mind is only concerned with meaningful and often complex subjects. In an occupation where you’re forced to dwell on minor concerns will make you dramatically unhappy. Choose a field where your intelligence is given its rein, and you’re given adequate space for learning.

If you work with your natural strengths and deal with your weaknesses, you’ll be able to use your gifts to their best advantage. Ignore or feed your weaknesses and they’ll soon run your life. In all things, the mind is first; working well with your third house sets the stage for a successful life.

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