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Based on the graphic novel of the same name, action thriller Legion hits theaters this weekend. In it, Paul Bettany plays the Archangel Michael, who has come to earth to help a group of strangers (led by Dennis Quaid) save mankind from — what else? — a legion of his fellow angels, sent by a disappointed God to invoke the apocalypse.

With big themes, big set pieces and even bigger consequences (it’s the end of the world we’re talking about here!), Legion promises to be an action-packed thrill ride. But what is the cosmic connection that landed the actors in their roles? Let’s have a look at two of their natal charts and see:

Angel of Earth and Air, Paul Bettany
Born on May 27, 1971, Paul Bettany has taken on the spiritual realm before (albeit from the darker side), playing “Silas,” the murderous monk in The Da Vinci Code. With the preponderance of his planets split nearly equally between Earth and Air signs (while Fire and Water share the other third — also almost equally), it’s no wonder the six-foot-three Brit is drawn to roles that take on almost mythic stature.

Naturally full of big thoughts courtesy of his Sun in heady Gemini, an artistically gifted Libran Uranus and his free-thinking, innovative Aquarian Mars, a character as significant as the Archangel Michael likely inspired the intellectual side of Bettany, giving him a chance to think about a variety of ideological concepts. Conversely, his heavily Taurean chart (Venus, Mercury, and Saturn all reside in the domain of the Bull, and are complemented by Pluto in equally Earthy Virgo) allows audiences to find him grounded and accessible. Add to this a highly emotional Cancer Moon (no rarity among the most talented actors), and Bettany himself is a perfect reflection of the depth, intelligence, and determination his angelic character would need to wage war against an army of his own.

Everyman of Action, Dennis Quaid
With planetary placement that is elementally inverse (the exact opposite) of Bettany’s, Dennis Quaid’s chart is made up of one-third Water and one-third Fire, with Air and Earth splitting the remaining third. That said, both men have Moon in Cancer. What does this mean? It makes them a perfect pair for the task at hand — in this case, saving the world!

Whereas Bettany is often drawn to roles with an otherworldly and intellectual air (to which his Earth placements bring approachability), Aries Quaid is an everyman of sorts, albeit one with extraordinary passion. The characters he plays (an aging executive in In Good Company, a closeted husband in Far From Heaven, a diner owner in Legion) are usually regular Joes forced to the brink by their situations — men whose circumstances require unleashing the fire within, even if it has to be reignited first, as in Legion.

But beyond the fire of his Ram-ruled Sun, Mars in adventurous Sag, and Pluto in loyal Leo (which make him a manly-man audiences are comfortable counting on to save the day), luckily (or cosmically as it were), Quaid has a well of emotions to draw from as well. In addition to the Cancer Moon (where Uranus is also placed), he has life-path ruling Saturn in emotionally psychic Scorpio and expressive Mercury in Pisces.

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