Aquarius: New Moon Eclipse

It may be a wild ride at the end of January. The New Moon eclipse in Aquarius on January 25, 2009 launches a new cycle of socializing, activism and technological advances, but some surprises may be in store for us.

Ruled by erratic Uranus, Aquarius is an unpredictable sign as it is, but the eclipse can send us on a roller-coaster ride that doesn’t stop until the beginning of February. So be prepared for some hairpin turns in the area of your life ruled by Aquarius (read your sign below).

On the bright side, shake-ups can lead to a fresh perspective and prompt you to make some needed changes in your life. Aquarius rules change and enlightenment, after all. And it’s a great time to get involved in a cause close to your heart. So read your Sun and ascendant signs to find out how you can make this chaotic influence work for you.

Aquarius: The New Moon in your sign says it’s time to go for your dreams and aspirations. Your charisma is on fire now and will attract people who can assist you in getting what you want – if you’re clear about your goals. Your inner activist is being awakened, too, so look to see how your gifts can improve your community – and the world – and take some steps to share them.

Pisces: Your intuition kicks into high gear now and can lead you to a better personal or professional path. But first, you’ll need to dig deep into your unconscious to purge any issues that block your growth. Analyzing past relationships, activities and habits will bring insights about how to accelerate your progress. Exploring past lives can bring enlightenment as well.

Aries: Socializing accelerates with old friends and new ones. But you’ll need to be choosey about who you spend time with or your social life may rocket out of control (who needs to work, anyway?). Try to avoid negative and irresponsible people who waste your time. Also, participating in community events can bring opportunities for networking.

Taurus: A new cycle of career opportunities begins now. It’s time to use your influence and creativity to launch your projects, especially ones that are trendy, innovative or unusual. Networking with colleagues can bring opportunities. Just watch out for some bumps in the road via a superior. Your rebellious side is activated now and won’t take kindly to being controlled.

Gemini: Activities that involve education, travel and culture will bring opportunities. It’s an excellent time to take a class or go on an adventure abroad. Just be sure to double-check your plans in case a snafu arises. Your spirituality is being awakened as well, so getting involved in a spiritual group or just taking the time to meditate regularly can heighten your intuition and illuminate your future.

Cancer: Your desire for sexual and emotional intimacy is heightened now, but you’ll first need to analyze and eliminate troubling emotional issues standing in the way of fulfillment. It’s time to get rid of resentments from the past and heal emotional wounds. In the financial arena, it’s time to evaluate your debt, and you may have some financial assistance coming your way.

Leo: Partnership activities accelerate, which can bring delight – and bring up longstanding issues as well. How you handle these problems will set the tone for your relationship in the coming year, so strive for cooperation. If you’re solo, socializing with friends may bring in someone special. Getting clear about what you want in a relationship will help manifest a compatible partner.

Virgo: Work and health are in the spotlight now. Your creativity and expertise will bring opportunities for advancement. Networking during group activities can put you in touch with people who can open doors for you. Revising your work habits and clearing away junk in your work area will increase your mental clarity. It’s also a good time to evaluate and improve your diet and exercise routines.

Libra: Romance accelerates as the New Moon shines a light on your love life. You won’t lack for prospects, but you’ll need to be picky about your partners so you don’t waste your time with people who drain your energy. Your creativity kicks into high gear as well, so promote your creative projects or start a project that’s close to your heart.

Scorpio: The spotlight is on home projects and family activities. Creating a beautiful home environment will energize you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Using feng shui principles will help promote good health, prosperity and other gifts from the Universe. If you come from the heart, it’s also a good time to discuss any issues you have with your family.

Sagittarius: Communications are energized now, and you may get the urge to learn something new and take a class. Your sense of humor attracts admirers, while your ideas attract opportunities, so share your brainpower. Journaling will bring emotional insights and clarify your direction. Travel can also bring romantic and professional opportunities.

Capricorn: You’re a magnet for moneymaking opportunities now, but if something seems too good to be true, it probably is, so check the facts thoroughly. Friends and group activities can open financial doors, so share your goals with whomever you meet. It’s time to break down the wall of self-limitation and have faith in your ability to manifest prosperity.

Cortney Litwin is the co-host of the Cosmic Sutra on KarmaSolRadio, an online talk show featuring astrology and dream interpretation.

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