All About the Archer

Sagittarians entice some and confound others; you’re unbelievably sexy and stunningly elusive. Your active mind, mischievousness and tempting flirtatiousness make you hard to resist. Enthusiastic, fun and effusive you’re often the favorite in your circle of friends, yet your bluntness and tendency to ‘evangelize’ about your latest fascination can drive people to distraction.

As a personality, you’re reliable and are good with keeping secrets. However, the mutable fire in your nature means that if enraged you can be wounding with your words. Yet, when you’ve been hurt or wounded by others, no matter how gravely, you are quite forgiving.

You’ll find your most satisfying growth comes from travel or mental exploration whether through reading, academics or philosophy. Most people who know you would describe you as honorable, generous, truthful and optimistic even in the face of obvious defeat. You’re a passionate learner and a passionate lover, always drawn to the new idea and the new face.

Social concerns are an area of life that offers great rewards for you. You have an innate call to justice and will expend your considerable fiery energy in defense of someone who’s been treated unfairly, especially if they are unable to defend themselves.

Your mind is active and seeks truth above all. This often leads to a lifelong fascination with knowledge, learning, religion, metaphysics, spirituality or dogma. Because you’re a mutable sign, your allegiance will be strong just up until the point when you become fascinated with the next idea. This can sometimes earn enmity from dogmatic or fundamentalist friends as you trot off to your new fascination. Their rage will be utterly mystifying to you as will their resistance to your new quest.

Ideas and strengths
The life of the mind is your paramount interest, not adherence to any particular philosophy. You love new ideas, new projects, new endeavors but you’re not terribly good at completion or commitment. Try to find a career that values your creative, idea-generating mind and will entrust the details to others.

The best careers for someone as energetic, changeable and quick as you are: teaching, preaching and philosophy. Your skill with information, with analysis, and with words makes you a formidable lawyer, judge or professor. You also thrive in working in social programs as a leader, initiator and developer, especially organizations working for social justice internationally. Any field that has a component of travel will suit you well, from being a pilot, international journalist or even soldier.

Love and relationships
In love, you are as ardent as any other fire sign; if you find someone with whom you feel you can safely explore all your other interests you’ll be steadfast. However, if thwarted you may seek your freedom outside your commitment. Your primary need is to feel free, and with the right partner you can feel that freedom inside a commitment. If you’re lucky, you were born with that need for freedom being entirely satisfied intellectually, if you’re unlucky you’ll have to manage your desires for others and for commitment very carefully.

You sometimes feel uncomfortably driven by a fear of entrapment; yet you know commitment is where deeper growth lies. Being convinced that the world offers unlimited possibilities can actually prevent you from the very depth and richness of experience you’re afraid of missing out on. In other words, sometimes what you’re looking for is in front of you; if you resist the urge to gallivant away, you’ll discover what you’ve wanted all your life.

The other things you’ll grapple with are your impatience, your changeability, your need for movement and activity, your need for recognition and your ambition. All of the above may make you blind to the effects your consuming efforts are having on your family and co-workers. Be careful to notice and control your tendencies to be domineering and boastful, extravagant and restless.

Your pursuit for the next new thing can mean you become shallow and even promiscuous. You can become self-righteous and moralizing, sometimes to the point of hypocrisy. Your desire for the truth can mean that your bluntness is hurtful to those who ask for your opinion. After inadvertently hurting someone with the truth, you’ll always be deeply sorry and regretful.

All in all, your gifts are enormous, your potential is huge; and your worst enemy will nearly always be your own inability to temper your instincts and impulses. Manage yourself well and there’s almost nothing your ambition can’t achieve.

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