All About Aries

It’s no coincidence that aggressive Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. While these passionate people are known for getting things done, they’re also highly adept at putting themselves first. Indeed, the ram’s motto could be “looking out for number one,” with themselves auspiciously filling that top spot. On the other hand, unlike some of their equally ambitious astrological counterparts (Scorpio, Gemini and Capricorn come to mind), you’ll always know where you stand with these straight-shooters. So what really motivates The Ram? Let’s have a look and see:

The Surface
Understanding an Aries is fairly uncomplicated — you can almost always take them at their word. Rams know what they want and aren’t shy about going after it. This can make them difficult to deal with for the weak-hearted, easily offended or shy. It also means they have a tendency to bowl lesser-inclined people over on their way to the top. Even quieter Aries (who may not seem so aggressive) are active, courageous, fiercely independent and most often, driven by their goals.

On that note, it’s no surprise that Aries natives are some of the most physical people around. Beyond the impressive physique this often leads to, being so physically grounded in their bodies reflects their grounding in the present moment. The now is vital to most people of this Sun Sign and as a result, they rarely think about consequences. Planning holds little importance to the Ram … which is why, even when they get what they want, things sometimes go awry afterward.

The Depths
Naturally competitive Aries may like to win at all costs, but they don’t enjoy that win unless it’s a challenge. Translation? The Ram will only respect a formidable competitor who puts up a fight. Far from cutthroat in this sense, these seemingly driven souls are also vibrant and even a little bit childlike, since they’re playful in their desire to engage. Similarly, they have the need to always be on the go and have a hard time sitting still. Hence, if you get an Aries to settle down, you know they see you as someone special. Life will always be an unpredictable adventure with this sign and while it can be tough to keep up, you’ll never wonder how you’re doing, because Aries will let you know with words and moreover, actions.

2 thoughts on “All About Aries

  1. bobo2010

    i love aries pple they are very strong they don’t go down very easily,im also aries myself i always want things done in my way and im a very strong and brave woman.i enjoy being independent…

  2. Renie Lamb

    WOW! You really, and I mean REALLY understand an Aries!!!What I read in the “All About Aries,” my only comment is you hit the nail right on the head!!!I have to say I am impressed…For some years now, I have been very interested on the impact of the arrangement of planets, and how they affect a persons, mood, and behavior.It is absolutely amazing to see how all that(the positioning of the planets, and even a persons personal astrology sign…) really plays a key role in attitude, behavior, and the transitions one will make(and how they will make it).

    All though it is fun to read the daily horoscopes, the real and TRUE version of a person, if you are interested, is actually in the characteristics of their birth sign…and don’t forget about their sister sign.I have seen some people that carry more characteristics of the sister sign, than they do of their birth sign…I wonder why that is?


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