A Tea Leaf Reader’s Secrets

Although I am an intuitive psychic and spiritual advisor, I’ll admit it, I love to read the leaves — tea leaves that is.

As I tell my clients, all disciplines are paths to the same end, but, in truth, the leaves seem to give just a little more. For me, I find the leaves give names, initials, and yes, even sentences. I’ve gotten “yes” to answers, the name of a person in question, the words “Mom,” “thank you,” “love,” and more.

I never fail to be surprised at the words that appear in the cup!

As I put my gaze on the cup and its many secrets when reading in person, my clients always say they are amazed by all the information that comes out of the cup. And we must not forget the saucer. Within this circular object lie many bits of information as well.

A couple of years ago, I found the perfect tea cup, an unusual one, black on the outside with a beautiful sprawling red rose on the inside. It’s certainly not your average English or Japanese style.

I started reading the leaves about 7 years ago, and, at first was a bit apprehensive. However, the artist in me kicked in and found the translating of shapes to be interesting, natural and amazing. Today the cup never fails to surprise and amaze me.

As in life, the more you look, the more you see… So in the cup, the more I read, the more I see. I’ve seen hearts, family trees, dragons, animal prints, spirits and much, much more within the tiny teacup. Sometimes, after going around the cup once, I’m led to “take another tour” around, finding new shapes and combinations that tell the story in even more detail.

There are various ways to prepare the leaves and have the client put their energies in, and I’ve developed a way to do the process that definitely works for me.

To begin with I usually prepare a special blend of leaves, a mix of several different kinds. I like the loose leaves, and preferably the ones that come in those very nifty metal containers. I’ve found some particular leaves, like jasmine, seem to give more pronounced pictures and words. I first have my clients turn the cup around 3 times (upside down on the saucer) before placing their left hand over the cup. This is when they have their turn to put their own energies into it.

Some readers use the bottom of the cup as the past, others the right (or left hand side). When I begin reading the cup, I usually start at the handle and read to the right. After going around the cup once, I sometimes turn it upside down and have another turn around the tea cup.

I find that tea leaf reading is similar to reading the Tarot or Angel cards, or for that matter, interpreting dreams. One should never read one symbol alone, but rather in accord with everything around it. It’s like the saying goes, “Everything is relative to everything else.”

My Angel guides help to determine how much tea to put into a cup, which tea blend to use and when to stop reading the cup at all. I have customers who love the tea and will not have anything else. As for myself, I find it, pleasantly addictive.

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