9/9 Numerology and Mars Retrograde in Aries

9/9 Numerology and Mars Retrograde in Aries | California Psychics

One More Retrograde

2020 has been a busy year, astrologically, with every planet in our solar system going into retrograde at least once. This is not a yearly occurrence and won’t happen again for at least another two years. The next planet to go retrograde is Mars, on September 9 until November 15, in Aries. Mars only goes retrograde every couple of years or so, and this year it is in the sign that it rules. Suffice to say, this Mars retrograde is going to be a bit intense.

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What does Mars Represent?

Mars represents everything that is strong, spicy, fierce, aggressive, courageous, and passionate. Mars is the planet of action, energy, and sexual desire. Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War. Mars is also a co-ruler of Scorpio, along with Pluto. Mars in our natal chart shows how we act; how we express our drive, self-assertion, and anger. Mars also happens to be ruled by the number 9, which is fitting since it goes into retrograde on the ninth day of the ninth month this year, but more on that in a moment.

What is Mars Retrograde?

Mars, the warrior planet, is all about “go-get-it.” Retrogrades are all about temporarily not acting. Put those two together and you’ve got potential trouble. Mars in retrograde means the temptation to act in reckless ways will be strong. To heck with it, you might think, just do the thing, full speed ahead, and hope it doesn’t all blow up. It will likely blow up, so don’t give in to this force. Watch out for volcanic eruptions of rage in yourself and in others. Don’t get into confrontations. You’re going to want to get into it with everyone over everything, but please don’t. It won’t get you what you want, but it will create an even bigger nightmare to try to clean up when Mars goes direct. Putting shattered glass back together is much harder than not breaking it in the first place. Go for peaceful actions and resolutions now. Skip taking risks or giving into impulses, and you should be fine.

Take it Slow During this Retrograde

Think of your natal Mars as your flaming jetpack that blasts you through life. Now is the time to put it on “chill.” It’s better to avoid having that relationship talk, because it could turn into a horrific fight. If someone tries to start a fight, and they probably will, ignore them, walk away, take the high road, because this is the time when some relationships that looked like they were really going somewhere end up disintegrating. Or cars break down. Or your physical energy just seems to fizzle out at every turn.

The Link Between Numerology and Astrology

But how does numerology come into play in this retrograde? Numerology is a bit like astrology, but it’s made up of a universal language of numbers. It sees the Universe as a system and breaks it down into basic elements that apply to our lives. It helps us better understand ourselves and others. It reveals to us that everything is connected and exists in perfect synchronicity with all things.

The Numerology of 9

September is the ninth month of the year. The number 9 in numerology, represented by the Hermit card in Tarot, is a teacher, guide, humanitarian, and philanthropist, with qualities of compassion, tolerance, faith, empathy, and wisdom. In a reading, it instructs us to go inward into meditation and self-reflection. It also asks us to be patient.

If you were born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th day of any month, you are ruled by the number 9, and you are a fighter. The humanitarian in you prefers peace and harmony, but you will do battle to attain this if necessary. You might want to opt for peaceful resolutions on 9/9 and sidestep any fighting while Mars seems to be spinning backwards.

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Examine Your Desires During this Period

During Mars in retrograde, before giving in to the overwhelming urge to push forward no matter what, ask yourself: “Will this give me more of what I want, or what I don’t want? Will this be productive or counter-productive? Will this create misery and turmoil or happiness and peace?”

If you are sincere and really listen, you will know the answer. If you let confusion rule, it may be that you don’t really want to know the answer, you just want what you want and you’re going to do it anyway, regardless of the outcome. Mars retrograde in Aries will try to lure you into some negative action. Awareness is half the battle, though.

Listen to Your Instincts

If you feel an overwhelmingly anxious need to act, but keep reeling yourself in, wondering if you should or shouldn’t do it, that means no, don’t do it. At least not right now. It means you need to either wait for a better time or don’t do it at all. Seriously. Heed this–all the time–and your life will be so much better. You’ve no doubt heard that action is the antidote to despair. Remind yourself that choosing to put things on pause in order to wait for a better time is an action. Allow the lessons of 9 and the introspection of this retrograde period to work in your favor, to give you time to rest and regain your energy and equilibrium so that, when Mars goes direct again, you will be more than prepared for the challenges ahead.

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