2012: Ancient Mayan Miscalculation or the Truth?

Why Did the Mayans Pick 2012 as an Endpoint?

Was it coincidence or choice for the ancient Maya to select 2012 as a true endpoint? I believe this choice was carefully arrived at by the ancient Maya. We can get a clue of what’s coming by observing what’s happening now—what happens going into 2012 will also happen in all the years after it. Even if we don’t pay attention, we will start developing perceptual hints of what is now entering our lives. Finding a sense of grace in clarifying what’s sensible and what’s unfeasible are issues facing all of us collectively.

The ancient Maya were focused in knowing all the possibilities around them. There were people living among the Maya that spent a great deal of time retrieving past and future dimensions of Earth history. They were not studying our current planet as much they looked at past versions that occurred in other coordinates.

Wanting to know the answers to living well was important to the Maya. Attempting to find the highest probable solution for any question, the Maya observers methodically went about their investigation. They carefully looked for similarities in past worlds to equivalent periods of time on our present planet.

Analyzing prior global configurations of earth throughout its life cycle, the Maya successfully came across the conditions needed to have heaven on earth. From poring over detailed concerns that existed in society, they created an unusual culture that chose to ignore what we would consider to be necessary technological mainstays.

The ancient Maya had advanced mathematics, precise astronomical data, roads, dams, and even knew how to make the wheel, although they intentionally chose to not use it. The Maya only utilized wheels for their children’s toys. They thought the wheel should be left to the innocence of children. Without utilizing the wheel, a populace is limited in how it affects its environment.

Understanding and comprehending the ancient Maya and their focus on our 21st century is presently not surmountable. The Mayan seers foresaw the debacle coming toward us at this time. Worlds with advanced civilizations can have limited growth if technology outruns common sense. But they also envisaged answers. At this endpoint, the Maya saw us entering a new threshold of consciousness.

The after effects of entering 2012 will be subtly noticed at first. A flow of insight will progressively extend through individual souls in the world. Transformations will slowly be seen by everyone. Wide range implications will increase each year after the end point. The entrance of the new cognizance will arrive as softly as a floating feather.

To get acquainted with living in our new existence will not be difficult; it will happen naturally. Observing changes, we will be like small children learning to be in a multidimensional world where people can maintain one philosophy, or converge with another. It will be similar to seeing the long term effects of adding electricity, cars, television, and computers to our existence.

Our own personal beliefs will be inevitably examined when seeing others enjoying their life without human illusory anchors. Assimilating unimagined ideas and new lifestyles will happen as quickly as we want to accept them. Receiving outlooks that are beyond our current conceptions and integrating these thoughts with our soul inheritance will be a choice. Resistance to our new potential will melt away when the benefits are witnessed.

The ancient Maya were limiting widespread consumption and further technological lifestyles by preventing the usage of the wheel. Eliminating the wheel to alleviate our issues is unnecessary, and was not the destiny of the world. Our present industrial society has not necessarily created a more progressed existence. Nevertheless, it was a route we were to take. We will be able to navigate our way to create the Earth we envision. Remember, we have already survived more than the Maya ever predicted.

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3 thoughts on “2012: Ancient Mayan Miscalculation or the Truth?

  1. countrygirl

    Interesting observations. I watched a program on TV several months ago about the Mayan calendar. The authors brought forth a different way/meaning of looking at 2012 than we’ve heard about for decades. According to them, the stone we have now was just a part of a perpetual calendar (like the one we follow now) that told the seasons, moons, other natural events, etc. They claim that the rest of the calendar was destroyed by the Conquistadors because they didn’t know/understand what it was and thought it was part of their pagan worship. The authors claim that the Mayan calendar didn’t “end” at 2012, it was similar to the end of one of our years, decades, etc. and that time would continue to follow the same path.

    Not saying that humans and the way we live, are staying the same, just that the way we keep track of time stays the same. One day flows into the next and on and on……our life will be as we choose it to be.

  2. jessica

    Dear Anya Dawn,

    Thank you for this wonderful, thoughtful, grounded article! It seems to me that what you’re describing globally, is something that many, if not all of us, have experienced personally at one time or another. I feel it in my own life right now…a feeling of not wanting to have so many things on my mind all the time. Too much, and the sheer volume of thought, doesn’t necessarily contribute to my well-being or to my ability to make positive contributions to the world around me.

    And, of course, while my personality certainly enters into this condition, I’m sure there’s a direct link between my “condition” and the situation we’ve created in our society and on our planet. Too much…much too much of everything, and without any real purpose or direction. With so much in existence, there’s so much suffering–so perhaps so much being in existence, is not the answer! Personally, I’m very much looking forward to whatever is coming, and I’ve been preparing without a conscious link to “2012,” for some time now. I’m enjoying the personal process very much and the way it’s opening me, and I’m enjoying encouraging my 3 daughters as they go through their own processes.

    What’s happening everywhere, while often painful and devastating, is also very exciting!!! We are so ready, we humans! So ready!


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