Ask Your Spirit Guides: Not Until She Meets Her Soulmate

During a reading with one of your psychics, I was told that I have a spirit guide with the sole job of discouraging any romantic interest in me from other men until I meet my “soul mate.” I couldn’t help laughing at this notion, as it would explain a lot.

If that is true, why is it so very important that this connection be made, so much so that I have a guide assigned with this specific duty? By the way, I am very much looking forward to this connection. I am grateful for any insight you could provide.

Christine in Fresno, California

Dear Christine,

The information you provided with your question shows that you have not only your Sun, but also three other planets in Scorpio, a very intense and focused sign that is often chosen by incarnating souls who want to clear a lot of karma in one lifetime.

Those planets are also tied in with astrology’s spiritual masters, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. All of this indicates that you could have a profound and transformational impact on many, many people… all part of your soul’s karma-clearing plan.

The guides who responded to my request for answers on your behalf wanted me to emphasize to you that you must not expect this soul mate connection to match the romantic dream that most people think of when they hear the words “soul mate.” Nor will your relationship fall into the frustrating, challenging pattern that so many must struggle through when they have a soul mate with emotional, psychological or substance abuse problems to be overcome as part of their joint karma.

Make no mistake, yours will be an intense and powerfully intimate relationship, but it will exist to serve a larger goal, one which extends far beyond your personal dreams and desires. What the guides did not make clear to me is the exact nature of the larger goal. Instead they gave me two scenarios as examples to open your mind to the possibilities. In one, your soul mate has children who will be awakened to their own world-changing potential by the combined influences exerted by you and your man. In the other scenario, you join him in creating some kind of organization, publication, or globally influential corporation whose primary goal is to address some urgent human or environmental need.

There are a number of interesting things happening with your astrology over the next couple of years which may help an astrologer (such as Psychic Amelia or Psychic Phillip) predict when you’re likely to meet this man, and what your shared task will be.

Whatever’s coming, it’s bound to be exciting! Your life is not meant to be a boring movie…

3 thoughts on “Ask Your Spirit Guides: Not Until She Meets Her Soulmate

  1. Phoebe

    I have a question as well. I have previously been connecting with my spirit guides but would like to connect with them more. What is an easier effective way to meditate? I have had very very close “signs” & syncrinicities happen to me all at once during this awakening, and it was driven towards a certain “individual” a man. I have thought about this man before years ago, as I have met him in another astral plane, but the strange thing is, he is now in my hometown and I found out he actually exists. I want to know, if there is a Psychic I can speak to on this matter? What could he mean in my life? Thank You. Any answers appreciated.

  2. Antonella

    Hi, I would like an opinion…I went to see this psychic which is conviced that I will marry my boyfriend (who is absolutely agaisnt remarry again after two failures) she said I had his parents around me to cofirm the fact…does that mean his parents are my spirit gides?

  3. misskrystal

    Hi Verbena-Just reading your response, it feels so right on.
    You have such a way with inspirational reality. A true gift. So unique.
    You have guided this client in a wonderful direction. My aunt was a true scorpio. She lost her life at 86, but this made me think of her life….She did get a lot resolved in her lifetime….She had wonderful romances, and even re-married her ex husband……After he passed, she had another wonderful romance.
    You have guided this client with bright light of truth. Thanks,
    Miss Krystal


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