Ask Your Spirit Guides: Her Mission In Life

Sandra writes:

I feel extremely ridiculous writing to you, mostly because I do not believe in online psychics. But a big part of me wants to believe we have some control over the unknown, and I find myself curious, asking for readings now and then only to be let down by some cookie-cutter character, who tells me how important and powerful I am. I do not want to sound rude, and I am sorry if my comments seem challenging. This is not my intention and I apologize in advance.

My question is: what is my mission in life? I feel very protected and often receive inspiration from God, but this answer hasn’t been revealed to me. I have changed careers quite a few times, and would like some insight. Also, if you can really talk to angels, give mine all my love. Tell her that I’m sorry I didn’t take that trip with her. I was so afraid to even look at her. P.S. English is my second language. I apologize for the grammar.

I send you love and gratefulness.

Dear Sandra,

Before I talk about your mission in life, I can’t resist addressing your comments about online, “cookie cutter” psychics. There are some spiritual concepts you can easily explore, which illustrate how it’s possible to get an accurate and insightful reading by telephone, for example, and which, at the same time, will help you understand your mission in life.

A really wonderful resource is the movie about spirituality, quantum physics, and the nature of reality called What the Bleep Do We Know? Released in 2004, it has been translated into 14 languages, so you may want to find a version in your first language. After you’ve applied your capacity for deep thinking to the movie’s reality-shifting content, I think your sense of what’s possible will be transformed!

Your life mission may appear too simple, or too quiet and unassuming at first glance, but in reality you can have a profound impact on many, many people! Your mission is to experience, express, and exemplify spiritual courage or faith. When you’re aligned in faith, you have a gift for infusing your everyday encounters, and even the most mundane daily activities, with spiritual energy that naturally flows through you to others. You can choose whatever career you like — what’s important is how you approach your life, not what work you do.

Sandra, it appears that the challenge you must overcome to become successful in your mission is your tendency to protect your sensitive nature by over-analyzing and cynically dismissing things that seem threatening. Your ability to spot shams can make you cynical, or it can help you discern what is truly valuable spiritually. It’s important for you to use that discernment to stay aligned with that which is healthy, healing, and supportive.

I passed on your message to your Angel, and she responded by saying that in the future, whenever you’re afraid, at times such as you described in your letter, simply ask your spiritual protection to renew your faith and discernment, and then surrender to the loving support. This process aligns you so that spiritual protection and inspiration can flow effortlessly though you to others … and — voila! — mission accomplished!

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