Ask Your Spirit Guides: Reading Tarot Cards

Ann in Virginia Beach writes:

I’ve been trying to get in touch with my Spirit Guides. I’ve only begun reading Tarot cards, and whenever I do a reading I hear a feminine giggle or a childish female voice whisper to me. I don’t know her name, but I sometimes doubt that she’s even there — just my imagination, right?

I think that’s my problem. I’ve always been the logical one and tried to explain things the scientific way, which might be closing me off to my Guides.

Are there other ways I can reach my Guides?


Dear Ann,

Whenever you’re learning to work with Spirit Guides, the best place to start is with your natural strengths.

First, the fact that you hear whispers and giggles means you’re clairaudient, or able to receive psychic and otherworldly information through sound. Also, Tarot is a tool that Spirit Guides normally use very comfortably for communication, and the fact that you hear giggles when you’re using the cards means your Spirit Guides want you to know that they’re near … BIG hint that they’re waiting for you to ask them questions and then use the cards to receive their answers.

However, I also think that what you see as a problem is a big strength: your inclination to be logical and scientific shows that you have an agile and independent mind, which is a great asset in navigating spiritual and mystical worlds.

There are many other ways to reach your Guides, but I think you have everything you need already.

Here are some starter suggestions:

1. Since you already hear giggles and whispers, ask that Guide to tell you her name. I think you’ll get an answer quickly. Just relax and accept what you get.

2. Next, ask if this Guide is a spokesperson for the rest of your Guides (you have several). If she isn’t, then ask your main Guide to introduce themself. In my experience, if you can hear one Guide, you can hear them all if they’re willing to talk. The next step is to start talking (aloud or in your head) and listening daily.

3. Find a way to work with your Tarot cards that feels natural and makes interpretation easy, and then use them a lot. One really fast way to learn is by blending Numerology and Tarot.

4. Put that gifted mind of yours to work reading books and articles about psychic development, spiritual philosophy, the Law of Attraction — the works! — by both classic and popular authors. Select books using your intuition, and ask your Guides to give you a nudge if they see something helpful when you’re strolling through bookstores on foot or online (give them way to signal you, like goose bumps, an itchy nose, ringing in your ears, or whatever appeals to you and is easy).

You may feel frustrated, Ann, but I see you as already “being there.” Soon you’ll be easily having conversations and building relationships with your Guides.

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