Ask Your Spirit Guides: Do Spirit Guides Communicate?

My question for you is this: Do Spirit Guides of individuals communicate with one another? I ask because I just had a fabulous reading with one of the California Psychics, and the situation between my boyfriend and I turned around almost immediately without me saying a word to him. It was almost as if a little bird whispered my concerns into his ear! I was wondering if “my people contacted his people,” as it were.

Thanks for your input!



Bingo, Teresa! You’ve noticed a very important but subtle insider’s trick to working with Spirit Guides.

And thanks for the big laugh over your wonderful “Godfather-esque” description of what’s going on. The big difference, in my experience, is that we humans don’t seem to have a lot to do with when and how our Spirit Guides choose to coordinate with each other.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for that kind of help. You can always ask for assistance! Then trust the larger forces at work in your life, including your own Eternal Self, to see that things proceed to support the highest good for everyone involved in a situation.

And the benefits of having “your people contact his people” don’t just apply to romantic relationships. Family problems, business deals, all manner of normal daily activity often benefits from this kind of unseen cooperation and coordination.

One caller recently ended up with a direct connection between her Guides and the Overlighting Angels of a community where she wanted to put down roots. She received timely, insightful and even action-oriented advice about what steps to take to make it happen. Seemingly magical connections came out of nowhere to facilitate her first steps.

Another caller who was gloomy about her retirement took an unexpected side trip one day and encountered a poster in the bathroom of her pit stop that contained a quote that she had used for motivation and inspiration early in her career. She found it was just as applicable to her present transition as it was long ago. Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s more fun to imagine what kinds of connections and coordination were needed to get that poster in place in time for her to see it.

Some callers are struggling toward something they really want in the relationship realm, and try to beg for assistance from the spirit world. Sometimes they end up feeling let down when they don’t get what they long for. Does that mean that Spirit Guides weren’t helping? Probably not. Don’t forget, even when everyone’s Spirit Guides are actively working toward a goal, the people involved also have free will. Lack of participation can thwart the most complex arrangements.

But, as you so eloquently put it, asking “your people” to contact “their people” is an option which often produces really magical results.

Thanks for a wonderful question, Teresa; I’m so glad you got the help you needed.

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