Traits of the Scorpio Man

traits of the scorpio man

Scorpio Man Traits: Intuitive and Insightful

As a water sign, the Scorpio man definitely feels emotions deeply, but of all the water signs he is the least likely to show his feelings on the outside. This is one of the reasons why people often refer to the Scorpio man traits as being mysterious or secretive when really he’s actually just deep in thought. In truth, he’s highly intuitive and often feels and sees people and things for what they are rather than what they try to portray. Incredible intellect and insight are important Scorpio man traits. The Scorpio man also possesses an infamously sharp tongue, often exacting with its sting, as we see in his astrological symbol, the scorpion. Sometimes this sign is depicted through other totems, too: the eagle describes his piercing Scorpio eyes and laser-sharp focus; the phoenix, the firebird that plunged into his own funeral pyre only to emerge reborn from the ashes, describes his mysterious persona as well as his ability to meet challenges head on and then rise above them.

His Outlook on Life

The Scorpio man’s traditional ruling planet is Mars, the warrior, and his modern ruling planet is Pluto, who rules the underworld. As a result, he’s ambitious, driven and always looking to be on top of his game. The Scorpio man’s appetite for life and all its pleasures and treasures is insatiable, as he’s always sure that there is something more.

In his more mischievous mode, he has a penchant for bringing up conversations or subjects such as death, sex, taxes and anything typically considered taboo is one of the Scorpio man traits that others may find uncomfortable. He may even chuckle at people’s reactions. Those topics are all part of the eighth-house Scorpio experience. He is fully aware of just how controversial his hot topics can be and that’s why he’s careful about whom he chooses to share them with.

Scorpio Man Love Traits and Relationships

If you’re friends with a Scorpio man, you have a loyal, dependable friend. He will quickly become your go-to guy when something needs to be thought out or you need help with something. He has an analytical mind and a wealth of ingenious ideas at his disposal, and he’ll feel honored to be consulted. Friendship with a Scorpio man cannot be bought. It can only be won by your acceptance of him for who he is, thus leaving him free to trust the friendship. Beneath his mysterious personality, he’s really very sensitive and, truthfully, he can sometimes feel vulnerable. Friendship won’t happen overnight, but once formed it can be a lifelong bond.

In a romantic relationship the Scorpio man needs to know that he’s with the right one. He may push your buttons once he’s figured them out, just to see how you’ll react. That may seem sneaky to some, but until he’s seen all of you—inside and out—he won’t feel comfortable revealing all of himself. He wants and needs that kind of deep connection. If the Scorpio man’s sensitive and vulnerable heart has ever been wounded by love, he’s protected it by adding another layer to his boundaries. It’s not easy to break through those walls, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a love that is nothing short of magical.

Scorpio Man Negative Traits

The Scorpio man can be jealous and possessive. He works so hard at letting only those he trusts into his circle of friends that when something or someone threatens that, it brings out his scorpion stinger, and he can really do some damage with his spoken words, especially when he feels provoked.

He likes to portray a confident, no-flaws personality—to both strangers and friends. People who don’t know him well might think his life is perfect or that he’s got all of his ducks in a row, but the truth is that we all have flaws and bad traits. The Scorpio man is just a little better at hiding his.

The Scorpio man’s world is basically black and white. His belief is that most things in life can be put neatly into a particular box or category. Gray areas frustrate him.

Good or bad, the Scorpio man is nothing short of ambitious. When he has a goal in mind, he will stick with it until it comes to fruition. Once he’s focused on something, it’s impossible to divert his attention even if you can prove to him it’s simply not worth the energy; he’ll just need to find out for himself.

Positive Scorpio Man Traits

People often have a misconception about the Scorpio man, even if they’re Scorpios themselves. Despite how much people think they know a Scorpio, they always want to hear more; they want to know the secrets and the truth. And that, in a nutshell, is the most positive trait of a Scorpio man—his need to know the truth about life in general and his desire to share the truth with others.

Another positive trait of the Scorpio man is his loyalty to those he loves. Some will say that Scorpio is a cheater in relationships, but that could be anyone from any sign. This Sun sign’s basic makeup, however, is what people like to call “ride or die.” Whether it’s for you or him or for both of you, if something needs to be done, said or changed no matter how difficult, he will never give up.

The Scorpio man is difficult to fully understand. He’s complicated yet simple; he’s all about emotional truth, yet he hides his flaws from others. Each Sun sign has both good and bad traits, and some can seem intertwined. In that way, the Scorpio man is no different from the other eleven signs. Each Sun sign, however, is special and unique in its own way, and the Scorpio man is truly someone worth having in your life.

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4 thoughts on “Traits of the Scorpio Man

  1. Rocco

    Being a Scorpio is hard, I tend to think of people as dishonest and idiots at times, I can manipulate anyone’s emotion, I tend to know what they are thinking, people look up to me for everything. the best way to explain Scorpios is if you can think of a Movie, there are Leading roles supporting roles and extras, if you think of your self as the leading role stay a way from a Scorpio because they will crush you and take over, if you are OK being in a supporting role or extra you will be loved protected and taking care of. the loyalty and the respect you receive is beyond what you can fathom.

    1. Xeon

      I want to break the forth wall, I wish to write my own traits, not be controlled by fates, I’m a scorpio, but I don’t believe I belong here, n I want to find the proof to prove it, people are no where close to my desires n my goal, 40years now have I pretend to play their games, n I know how it ends be4 it starts, I can’t do this, I wait for my moment to die, but don’t misunderstand me, death isn’t death to me, I am trapped here in a body of skin that dies daily.

  2. LJ

    Hi there Littlespacegirl: I have no doubt that water signs, as we can see, are attracted to you and your adventurous spirit. Even though you’re a Centaur Woman, made from fire, you’re one of the more “earthy” fire signs, and that combination is very attractive. Cancerians and Sagittarians aren’t a bad match at all as long as you give each other space sometimes, so enjoy your man of claws.

  3. Littlespacegirl

    Both my late husband of 43
    Years and my favourite singer were/are Scorpios. And they both fit the pattern!
    Now a much younger Cancer has fastened his claws into me.
    And Me?
    I’m your basic Centaur Woman…….


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