Traits of the Libra Man

traits of the libra man

Libra Man Traits: Charming and Engaging

A Libra man could easily walk into any room in any city in any century and blend in without being noticed, were it not for his engaging and charming personality that makes people sit up and take notice. He can’t help but start up conversations and soak in the local vibe of wherever he may be, and become one with it.

Symbolized by the Scales of Justice

He is often dismissed as just a fun-loving, attractive guy when there’s so much more to the Libra man traits. The Libra man’s astrological symbol is the scales of justice, symbolizing his desire for equality, balance and acceptance. He seeks balance in all he does, but in truth the scales are never really even. In fact, the Libra man can often go from one extreme to the other, identifying with both sides of a situation. He is often misunderstood because of this, but at his core, the Libra man’s intentions and actions are always focused on both sides of the story, meeting in the middle for the greater good of all.

Ruled by Venus

The Libra man is a big believer in pleasure—in giving it, receiving it and basking in it, thanks to his ruling planet, Venus, shared with Taurus. Unlike Taurus, though, Libra is an air sign, so this man puts lots of thought into his actions and believes that nothing worth experiencing should be rushed. Venus also gives the Libra man a very refined taste and an eye for luxury. It’s the lens through which he sees and experiences all things—food, environment and even the people he’s with.

The Libra man is an optimist who sees the good in everyone, unless and until they prove him wrong. Even if there’s someone that others view as flawed in character, he will look beyond any misgivings to expose their good side. His put-together looks and caring quality lend an aura to Libra males that most people find trusting and fair. He is, therefore, the most likely to be picked as a go-between in matters of where a mediator or an impartial judge is required.

Libra Man Love Traits and Relationships

When a Libra man entertains, he’ll go out of his way to make his guests feel comfortable. If it’s your first time meeting him, his welcoming spirit focuses on making you feel accepted and like part of the group. He takes a more relaxed stance once you and he are established friends. Still, give him a compliment or even a trinket representing your friendship and you’re sure to see that extra-exuberant side of him again.

As for love relationships, the Libra man can be quite a flirt. When he’s single or alone, he feels like something’s missing. Libra is the sign of partnership after all, and he’s happiest when hooked (though he may deny it). If you’re feeling frustrated with your Libran lover, such as when he’s chatting up someone else, he will do anything to melt your icy stare, and turn your frown upside down. As you may guess, it’s not easy to stay angry at a Libra man.

Libra Man Negative Traits 

Though not necessarily negative, there are some important Libra man traits that makes him often misunderstood. As with most air signs, he thinks with his head first. For the Libra man, logic always trumps emotion. In all decisions he makes, the Libra man will choose intellect over instinct, and he never takes decisions lightly. In fact, his whole life involves making carefully thought-out decisions. And once his mind has been made up, not even a bulldozer can get him to budge.

Sometimes the Libra man can be viewed as uncaring or too easygoing. That’s not really true. The scales of justice have to be balanced carefully, no matter the subject. And sometimes when faced with a really heavy decision he may wait until all of the options have run out, leaving him with only one choice (but that’s because he’s already decided that waiting was the best decision).

You may think the Libra man is unconcerned with time constraints, especially when he is deciding where he’d like to eat, for instance. He does not have the ability to come to a quick and decisive decision; he prefers to carefully choose from various options and come to the conclusion that sounds or feels best. If you’re hungry or in a hurry, don’t ask him where to go for dinner; tell him instead, or you might not make it anywhere before last call.

The Libra man can at times be accused of narcissism, but he’s not totally self-absorbed. He just takes pride in his appearance and spends a lot of time taking care of himself so that he can take care of others, should the need arise.

Positive Libra Man Traits

As a cardinal sign, the Libra man starts the season of fall. For him, this translates into being the one who can make people get up and move. So, if your latest get-together is looking kind of dull, dial up a Libra man to get the party started.

The Libra man has the patience to listen, empathize and genuinely connect with anyone’s feelings while still maintaining his very manly energy. Between his patience, charm and great listening skills, it’s no wonder he can connect with so many people so easily.

As the Libra man is always seeking balance in all things, he usually catches himself before he loses his cool when under pressure. If an argument manages to erupt anyway, he’ll do anything to avoid or quickly diffuse the confrontation, and if he’s upset over something, he never stays angry for long.

There are many positive and negative Libra man traits, as with any Sun sign. Like his fellow air sign, Gemini, there are multiple sides to the Libra man. He can be a bit eccentric in the best way imaginable, he’ll try anything at least once, and he’s certainly never, ever dull.

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