Traits of the Capricorn Man

traits of the capricorn man

Capricorn Man Traits: Tenacious and Trustworthy

Capricorn is the 10th sign in the zodiac, and the last of the earth signs. Tenacity and a strong work ethic, as well as his ability to turn a chaotic mess into a state of organization are defining Capricorn man traits. He’s superficially very easy to get along with as he’s full of practical and interesting information he readily shares with others if asked. As a result, people are apt to find him trustworthy, and he is. The trick is getting him to fully trust others.

His Outlook on Life

His ruling planet is karmic Saturn, a planet known for bestowing great rewards upon those who show they have learned valuable lessons relating to whatever house Saturn happens to occupy in their chart at the moment. Saturn will typically remain in a particular house for up to two-and-a-half years. In this way the Capricorn man is a mirror of his ruling planet. Both are practical, value hard work and embody the belief that there is much to be learned from each experience life gives us. The gift the Capricorn man gives to humanity comes from all of the wisdom he shares that he has learned over time. Most importantly, the Capricorn man wants to share his perspective and awareness that time itself is each human’s most valuable asset.

Capricorn Man Love Traits and Relationships

When you and the Capricorn man become close friends, you will find that he not only loves to exchange information, but he is also a great listener. The secret, however, is that beneath that sturdy, practical exterior lies a pool of raw emotion and secret hopes that he keeps tightly contained until he lets you in. This is the fuel he uses to propel his outward ambitions. Letting him share his dreams and ideas with you is like giving him a gift. It’s also a sign that he trusts you and that he considers your friendship an important relationship in his life.

In romantic relationships, the Capricorn man can be a slow mover. He likes it when people take the time to get to know each other. Once a bond of trust is established, love is surely soon to follow. At that point you have a bond that he believes is true and unshakable. He may outwardly appear reserved, but he can be quite skillful and resourceful in the bedroom. Sex without a bond is playful, but sex with someone he truly cares for is a true bonding experience.

Capricorn Man Negative Traits

The Capricorn man may not let his views be known to the general public, but if you’re a close friend you probably know his opinions on everything from general topics in the news to how the neighbors put their garbage out in bags instead of cans. In other words, he can be opinionated, and what’s more, he’ll stubbornly hold onto his beliefs seeing no reason to budge.

He does fairly well in social settings, but the Capricorn man is no party animal. He’s pleasant and cordial to strangers, but unless the Capricorn man has a close confidant with him, he’ll either want to duck out early or find a cozy corner table where he can relax and enjoy the view. He’s no wallflower, but unless he’s in an element that’s comfortable or familiar, he’ll want to limit his visit. If he really doesn’t want to attend a get together at all, work will likely be the excuse—and immersing himself in work is typically how you’ll find him.

Some would say one of the Capricorn man traits is being boring, but he really just has two speeds—productive or relaxed. In between, there’s little to say of any importance, unless you’re part of his trusted circle. Once that trust has been established, though, the Capricorn man can have a lot to say about a lot of things. Remember, he’s very observant. He truly just prefers spending his energy on the few special people he counts as friends or family, rather than having superficial conversations with acquaintances. He’s really not that hard to get to know, but you must make a genuine effort.

Positive Capricorn Man Traits

The Capricorn man is well-known for being ambitious—not just in the work arena, but with any goal he sets for himself overall, and he often does set goals for himself. Whether his goals are long-term, like saving to buy a house, or spontaneous, such as, “I’m going to clean out my car,” you can bet the goal will be met as planned and done on time.

He’s a classical-type man who is always polite and has a keen social sense of what’s appropriate behavior. You can bet your last dollar he’ll never be one to cause embarrassment to his friends or loved ones ever, most especially in public.

He enjoys the finer things in life, but in reality, the Capricorn man’s needs are few. He could easily do without, especially if it means he’s able to save money. The Capricorn man loves to acquire wealth and security and that need only increases as he grows older. Remember he is a man of goals, and one of those goals is to be financially secure; he starts preparing for that even at an early age.

One way in which the sign of Capricorn is depicted in astrology is as the mythical seagoat. Like his totem there are many question marks around the Capricorn man. How can you gauge the personality of an animal that only exists in fable and lore, and how do you get to know the Capricorn man when he is so reserved and quiet? Like any Sun sign, there are good and bad Capricorn man traits that can easily be interchanged depending on how you look at it and what other aspects are impacting his chart. Overall the Capricorn man is a loyal, thoughtful, passionate and even-tempered soul who takes time to unfold, but it’s almost always worth the wait.

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7 thoughts on “Traits of the Capricorn Man

  1. Shari

    Leo women are not compatible with Capricorn man. You must not a different reason for the bond to advance and continue. love alone will not work.

    1. Sam

      Me as a Leo and I have been with a Capricorn man for a while I feel like are bond’s really good and everything is going well but everyone says it’s not a compatible relationship type thing

  2. Laura

    I am a Virgo and so, so, so in love with my Capricorn man. Couldn’t ask for a better match. He’s funny, interesting, talented, loving, engaging, adventurous and an amazing lover! Capricorn men are alluringly wonderful spiritual beings!
    Love my husband! I’m a lucky woman. ☘️

    1. LJ

      Hi Suzanne: So glad you like the traits. I think your idea is a fabulous one – one that perhaps I’ll have to mention LOL to the powers that be LOL.

    1. LJ

      Yes, Nick Valentine, Capricorns can be very smart; my apologies for not making that more clear. 🙂

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