Love Advice for the Scorpio Woman

Love Advice for the Scorpio Woman

How to Find a Love That’s Loyal, Lasting and True

Who is the Scorpio Woman?

The Scorpio woman is mysterious, attractive and savvy. Of all the water signs (or of all the signs in the zodiac), her emotions run as deep as the ocean. But she’ll almost never admit it. In love, she can be a loyal and loving partner, as long as the relationship feels safe, comfortable and committed. Disagreements or a lack of intimacy will cause her to walk away. Some view her as unapproachable, but the Scorpio woman is just particular about whom she lets into her circle of trust, and that takes time. She has to enjoy a level of trust with anyone she’s close to—especially when it comes to love. She possesses a quick mind, and if provoked, she can also have a sharp tongue which can sting you just like her sign’s most notable symbol, the scorpion.

What Does the Scorpio Woman Want in Love?

The Scorpio woman is often labeled a “sex maniac,” but a truer description would be someone who has no shame about revealing her urges and desires. It’s true that her sign does represent sex in the zodiac, but to her it’s just one of the inevitable things of life—just like death and taxes (which her sign also represents). In bed, if not also in love, she wants someone who knows what they’re doing, but who’s also willing to learn and explore.

The Scorpio woman is all about emotional truth—especially in her love life. What she truly wants is a love that is deep, intuitive and virtually unbreakable. She is most likely to achieve this with another water sign, although she has many choices in love because Scorpio is the one sign that would do well with just about any sign. Yes, she can be that irresistible.

When it comes to the serious matter of being in love, she may “test” her potential partner. This may sound sneaky or even cruel. However, she simply wants evidence that the relationship is real. The Scorpio woman is also a bit of a gambler, because testing someone can sometimes go too far and it can even backfire. If that happens, she’ll rely on her penetrating stare and inevitable charm to draw the object of her affection back in.

What Does the Scorpio Woman Need in Love?

The Scorpio woman needs a mate she can trust and who will always speak and live in that truth. If someone manages to gain her trust, she’ll respond with a lifelong loyalty. She’s a sensitive soul who needs someone who will not intentionally hurt her. But remember, if someone betrays her trust, they will get stung.

What Does a Scorpio Woman Need for a Blissful Love Life?

The Scorpio woman probably feels like she doesn’t need to read any further. Why should she need love advice? The truth is we all have things we should examine more closely—truths we need to face and habits and beliefs around love that could use a little refresh. So in true Scorpio fashion, let’s be shameless about exploring her path to having a blissful love life.

Anyone who has lived and loved has been susceptible to pain at one time or another. Because the Scorpio woman is truly sensitive and feels so deeply, she always runs the risk of being hurt by love. Whether she’s masking pain, ignoring a hurtful emotion or just living with the memory of a past relationship that went terribly wrong, the best love advice for the Scorpio woman is to purge herself of any lingering heartache. It would be unfair to take on a new relationship while carrying baggage from the past. And since she lives for emotional truth, she can only benefit from giving the love in her life every possible chance to thrive.

Which Signs are the Most and Least Compatible With the Scorpio Woman?

The signs that are most compatible with the Scorpio woman are:

  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Pisces

The signs that are least compatible with the Scorpio woman are:

  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Scorpio
  • Aquarius

These examples are based on the surface tendencies of each sun sign, but it should be noted that any two people can find compatibility if they really try.

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  1. Jessa

    Thank you for this wonderful advice i will never give up on love that i choose to stay, i am a scorpio and proud of it.


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