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What is MY ALERTS?

The Basics
My Alerts allows you to receive text messages on your mobile device about things like readings, appointments and callbacks. You access this feature by first selecting My Account and then selecting My Alerts from the left side menu. Here you can select which messages you would like to receive.

How Do You Receive Alerts?
Customers who joined California Psychics after Dec 21, 2016 are automatically opted in for all 5 messages. Existing customers who joined prior to Dec 21, 2016 were not automatically opted in for any of the messages, but can go to My Alerts to select or edit which messages they would like to receive.

My Alerts is a feature that requires a mobile phone number on your account. If you have already indicated that your primary number is a mobile line, then you are set to receive messages. If you would like to add a new number to your account that is a mobile line you can do this in one of two ways:
  1. Go to your My Account page and select the My Callback Numbers menu option. On this page you can add a new number and indicate that it is a mobile number. You can also manage all of your numbers here.
  2. Go to your My Account page and select My Alerts from the options. On this page you can input the mobile number that you would like to receive alerts on. If you already have a mobile number, it will likely pre-populate on this page. You can also go here to edit the number for My Alerts.

International Customers
Unfortunately, My Alerts messages are for U.S. customers only. We are working on adding this feature for our international customers in the future.

Feedback: Please send any feedback or suggestions you have regarding My Alerts or any other service offering to: feedback@californiapsychics.com.
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