Meditation Practice

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Caring for Crystals

Now that you’re familiar with some of the psychic and spiritual uses for crystals (see Part I in my crystal series for a refresher), you can start using them to empower yourself! For instance, say ... read more

3-Minute Meditations

It is estimated that the human mind processes approximately 45 thoughts per minute. If we are ever to reach a state of grace, we must turn off our thoughts and, instead, tap into the unconscious. For ... read more

Meditate For Joy

The benefits of meditation have been proven again and again. Stress reduction, increased ability to focus, weight maintenance, even help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome! What more could you ask from an ... read more

Fend Off a Foul Mood

Most people may feel like they have to be happy all of the time, but the late-fall decrease in natural light and colder weather doesn't exactly make for a cheerful mood. If your attitude plummets at this ... read more