Psychic Jesse

Psychic Jesse

What To Expect

Jessehas a very direct way of psychically connecting with you and it’s this ability that has made her a sought-after guest on numerous television and radio programs. She asks very little information and will only need to periodically check in to make sure you feel she is on the right track. She is a trained past life regressionist and has devoted her life to understanding and interpreting the psychic world. Jesse is continually accessing her clairaudience and clairvoyance through the assistance of her two spiritual guides. She experiences physical reactions and hears confirmations from her guides as validation of the interpretations of her psychic visions. As a fourth-generation seer with an extensive academic background, including spiritual philosophies, Psychic Jesse has been reading professionally for 40+ years and has been with California Psychics for more than 15 years, making her a very experienced psychic. She is also a certified Life Coach with a great deal of practical advice to add to the psychic impressions she shares. Psychic Jesse wants you to exit your reading with a clear and focused direction regarding your future. Many people report wonderful results in their love relationships after their deep and unique readings with Jesse.

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