Your Weekly Love Horoscope: Sensuality and Physical Needs

Sensuality and Physical Needs

Connecting With Mother Nature

Fiery influences can ignite passion on Tuesday, but socializing will be unpredictable on Wednesday. The New Moon in Taurus on Friday favors getting in touch with your sensuality, physical needs and connection with Mother Nature. This weekend, mixed messages can unhinge romance on Saturday, while interactions may be stilted on Sunday morning. Best days for socializing: Monday evening, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday afternoon through the evening. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Tuesday is an excellent time for a sexy tryst or to meet a potential paramour. The New Moon encourages you to slow down to enjoy the subtle delights of intimacy. Getting out in nature can ignite a sensual encounter. If you’re solo, you’ll be drawn to people who are highly physical, practical and/or grounded. Your words will inspire or unhinge romance during the weekend.

Taurus Love Horoscope

The New Moon teams up with Venus in your sign to fire up your confidence, sensuality and charm, making you a magnet for people who connect with your heart. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are especially favorable times for a date with your sweetie or to meet someone new. Socializing with friends and focusing on your creativity will bring out the best in you too!

Gemini Love Horoscope

The New Moon encourages you to clear up the past to prepare for a fresh start during the New Moon in your sign next month. Getting in touch with your feelings will reveal if a relationship issue needs closure. Your awakened intuition will provide additional insights. You may be inspired to reconnect with an old friend too. This weekend, socializing will energize you on Sunday afternoon through the evening.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Socializing will escalate after the New Moon, which encourages you to connect with your friends and get out to meet new people. Romance can be found through a social contact, friendly gathering or collaborative effort. Emotions will be unpredictable Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday are excellent times for a get-together with friends and to meet someone special.

Leo Love Horoscope

You may be more focused on work than love around the time of the New Moon. Still, romance may come from afar or while socializing on Tuesday. Getting out of your neighborhood to explore a new area will bring/inspire romance. This weekend, Saturday will be chaotic, but a date or friendly gathering will bring delight during the late afternoon or evening on Sunday.

Virgo Love Horoscope

The New Moon is illuminating your desire to learn and explore. As such, look for love during a trip, class or spiritual activity, especially on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. A different culture may play a role in romance. This weekend, your plans may go awry on Saturday, but initiating a friendly gathering (or date!) will bring delight on Sunday afternoon or evening.

Libra Love Horoscope

Illuminating an emotional stumbling block can be the gift of the New Moon. Paying attention to your inner life will help you uncover any feelings, beliefs or habits that stand in the way of intimacy (and other parts of your life). On a lighter note, a sexy interlude can bring delight on Tuesday or Thursday. A playful approach will ignite passion on Sunday afternoon or evening!

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The New Moon will awaken your desire to share your life with someone special. If you’re solo, this influence can help you head in the right direction for finding a mate. If you’re paired, focusing on shared activities and conversations with your sweetie will energize your relationship, especially on Thursday and Friday. This weekend, romance can be rocky on Saturday and fun but complicated on Sunday.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Your adventurous side may attract an admirer or prompt a spirited tryst with your sweetie on Tuesday. The New Moon can bring romance through a helpful activity, such as volunteering for a nonprofit organization or community event. If you’re paired, expressing your appreciation to your partner by helping out in small ways will inspire love, especially on Thursday and Sunday afternoon or evening.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Your love life is getting a lift from the New Moon, which teams up with Venus in your sector of romance and recreation. Sharing your playfulness and creativity is sure to attract admirers during the next couple of weeks. Romance can be found during an activity that involves socializing or entertainment, especially on Thursday or Friday. It’s time to share your heart, Capricorn!

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Your home will be your main focus around the time of the New Moon, which can inspire you to spruce up your living space and host a friendly get-together. Creating an enticing ambiance and entertaining your sweetie will bring delight too, especially on Thursday or Sunday afternoon or evening. You’ll just need to be mindful of impulsiveness on Saturday.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Your charm and brainpower can inspire romance around the time of the New Moon. You’ll be especially magnetic on Thursday and Friday. Romance can also be found on a trip or while learning something new. This weekend, you’ll get irritated easily on Saturday, so be mindful of who you hang out with. Sunday afternoon or evening is a good time to host a party.

6 thoughts on “Your Weekly Love Horoscope: Sensuality and Physical Needs

  1. Dawn

    How does a single mom of a one child meet someone if it’s the same every day – kinda like ground hogs day the movie. It’s up get the little one to school, work, then back home. I have been divorced for 2 years and feel like I’m ready to get back out there

  2. Faith

    Will my boyfriend or is he planning a visit to come see me here is the states soon…something we both have been wanting for some time. I feel that things are getting more serious between us….

  3. Hector

    Hi will my ex girlfriend come back to me even tho we have two small girls together, will she be faithful, loyal ..again

  4. Rose06

    Hello! and thank u for your message. As far as closing past relationships (Gemini), it has been along time since I have closed
    all a long time ago. I am concentrating on me and do not want to bother with the drama of dating anymore. All men want
    is a meal ticket and I have had enough. I know God knows the way of the world and is protecting me from all this.


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