Birthday Horoscope

September 23, 2018

Happy Birthday! This year, you may find yourself feeling stuck and frustrated with your many responsibilities. You could also feel like you’ve outgrown the persona you’ve played until now and you’re ready to express yourself in new and different ways. You’re the creature in the chrysalis who has outgrown its habitat and is ready to break through into the next stage of life. Acting on sudden flashes of insight that provide clues about how to grow can be helpful.

You’ll be super assertive when it comes to seizing upon opportunities for financial growth. You’ll also be super motivated to attain the possessions that you desire. Plays for short-term satisfaction can be successful, but not particularly satisfying. There is potential to transform your finances on a larger scale, but it’s a long game and not a quick a fix. Time will pass anyway, so why not spend it building security for your future? A reading with a Money Psychic can reveal opportunities and show you where finances are trending in the year ahead.

You’ll be highly intuitive, nurturing, and compassionate. You’ll be deeply sensitive to what’s going on in your home and with your closest family members. At extremes, this can mean feeling paranoid or viewing matters through rose-colored glasses. Having a sacred space in your home that you can retreat to can help you recharge and shake off energies that you’ve absorbed from others. Meditation, artistic pursuits, or devotion to a spiritual practice may play a significant role in your personal growth.

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