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Birthday Horoscope

September 21 2017 Birthday Horoscope

September 21, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, an ongoing theme will be transmuting past experiences into wisdom that guides you on your current life’s journey. It may feel like a struggle to overcome the past, but if you persist in extracting the good from the bad, your efforts will be rewarded. Just know that not everything was exactly as you remember it or as you were told. Discerning fact from fiction and the fallacies of memory will be a part of the process. Some people may insist that their version of events is the truth even though you know or suspect it to be otherwise. Trust yourself and employ forgiveness whenever and wherever you can.

Your charm and cleverness will conceal an iron will and a fierce determination to get what you want. People will be so disarmed by your friendliness that they underestimate your strength and cunning. You will benefit from connections with wise and generous people. Just don’t expect these relationships to be stable or predictable. You can be especially shrewd when it comes to financial matters. Your ability to wheel and deal can help you to prosper. You may do well with any activities that involve research, investigation, or strategic planning.

What you have learned from previous romantic disappointments is that it pays to be yourself. You will see the value in not hiding who you are. You want a partner to love and appreciate the real you, not someone that you are pretending to be. Honoring yourself in this way can help to attract your ideal mate or can transform your current relationship.

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