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Birthday Horoscope

September 20 2017 Birthday Horoscope

September 20, 2017

The New Moon occurring on your birthday portends a clean break with the past and an opportunity to begin your life anew. An ongoing theme during this upcoming birthday year will be transmuting past experiences (especially painful episodes) into wisdom that guides you on your current life’s journey. At times, it might feel like a struggle to overcome what has happened in the past, but if you can persist in extracting the good from the bad, your efforts will be rewarded. Just know that not everything was exactly as you remember it nor as you were told. Discerning fact from fiction and the fallacies of memory will be an important part of the process. Some people may insist that their version of events is the truth even though you know or suspect it to be otherwise. Trust yourself and employ forgiveness whenever and wherever you can.

When it comes to your emotions, you will be friendly and sympathetic and may often find yourself cast in the role of peacemaker amongst your friends. Friendships, as well as relationships with love interests and children, are likely to be a constant source of surprise. Unexpected developments will keep you on your toes and challenge you to be open to different ways of relating. Although unconventional, these relationships will be marked by warmth and a mutual concern for each other’s well-being. Keep an open mind and don’t expect matters to proceed according to your expectations. Welcome the opportunity to do things in a different way.

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