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Birthday Horoscope

September 19 2020 Birthday Horoscope

September 19, 2020

Happy Birthday! This year your hard work and determined effort to achieve your goals pay off and you achieve many of the things you desire. You are wise beyond your years because you also recognize that just because you’ve attained something doesn’t mean you should stop, so you continue to set new goals and dreams for yourself. Striving is invigorating for you, and where some people would feel overwhelmed, insecure, or incapable, you feel empowered. You also see difficulties as building blocks that help you develop new skills and the inner fortitude you need to overcome them.

You may find that your emotions are volatile this year, and that can be unpleasant. Pay close attention to the time and circumstance that happens and you will most likely discover that it is in reaction to someone trying to control or dominate you, someone who wants to force you to do what they want, to take care of their needs and desires instead of your own. You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. Unless you are caring for children, and of course their needs are important and need to be met, grown adults are responsible for their own happiness. If someone is trying to bully, manipulate, or control you, and if they are unwilling to change their behavior, then that is a relationship to walk away from and leave behind you. A reading with a Love Psychic can help you discover and heal the negative patterns in your relationships and help you love yourself enough to make really good choices.

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