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Birthday Horoscope

September 16 2017 Birthday Horoscope

September 16, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you may tend to be too hard on yourself. You could give too much energy to your shortcomings and set goals that are impossible to reach. At the heart of this lies a desire to achieve something great, but greatness will be reached through taking baby steps toward achieving your goals rather than attempting one giant leap. Be ambitious about acquiring knowledge and cultivating skills that can support your endeavors. This is an ideal year to go back to school or to pursue training or certification that can advance your career. Upgrading your skill set will not only increase your confidence but can also promote greater financial stability.

Your relationships with friends, lovers, and children are likely to be a constant source of surprise. Unexpected developments will keep you on your toes and challenge you to be open to different ways of relating. You will learn a lot about yourself and the people that you care about. These relationships may, at times, be completely crazy. However, they will also be a source of good fortune. Although unconventional, these connections will be marked by warmth, generosity, and a mutual concern for each other’s well-being. Just keep an open mind and don’t expect matters to proceed according to your expectations. Deep down, you might be craving new experiences that will shake things up, so welcome the opportunity to do things in a different way.

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