Birthday Horoscope

September 11, 2018

Happy Birthday! This year, your personal power, willfulness, and strength reach their peak. Your determination to achieve an important goal (personal, professional, or financial) could mean that you come out on top or, at least, make a good showing. In addition to your efforts, you’ll need to have faith in yourself and believe that you’re not only capable of accomplishing great things, but that you also deserve them. Secret helpers, in both human and spirit form, will be standing by to assist you. Prayer, affirmations, and a practice of stating your intentions can be invaluable tools in manifesting what you desire. You never know who might be listening and ready to lend support. A reading with a Life Path Psychic can help you connect to your spirit guides.

At work, you could excel when you find ways to introduce new technology to traditional ways of doing things. However, your desire to go along with those who want to maintain the status quo could make you resistant to change. Don’t be afraid to strike out in new directions, especially if innovation paves the way for long-term financial security and success. You’ll also need to be accommodating and keep an open mind about unconventional work scenarios such as telecommuting or flexible scheduling. Activities that involve communications, social media, public relations, and technology are favored.

A major change could be in store for your love life. There will be passion, but also tumult and unpredictability. Are you holding on to a person, relationship, or dream that has passed its sell-by date? You’ll need to know when to let go and make room for something new.

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