Birthday Horoscope

October 4, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will work hard to distill the wisdom gained from past experiences and to apply it to your current endeavors. Research, education, and communicating with your peers will be an important part of this process. Consider it a time to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. Because of your ability to hone in on what’s valuable and to put a savvy spin on information, you may excel at activities that involve mediation, education, public relations, and the media.

With love and money, you will be calculating, driven, and determined. You are playing to win, so you will be strategic rather than spontaneous. Your chances of success are good, but the question is whether the conquest will ultimately prove to be as fulfilling as you think. You could be hard to please and may feel that no matter what you accomplish it still falls short of your expectations.

When it comes to emotions, you may be deeply sensitive and impressionable. You will be especially attuned to family members, although you may intuit more than you want to know and may take on their emotions as your own. Devote time to healing emotional wounds, so that you can release the past and welcome your future.

Relationships with friends, lovers, and children will mostly be favorable, but they won’t conform to your expectations. These individuals will be generous and wise in surprising ways. Learning to accept people as they are and allowing them space to grow will help you to cultivate happy and healthy relationships.

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