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Birthday Horoscope

October 31 2021 Birthday Horoscope

October 31, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year your ability to dive into a difficult situation or experience and know-how to fix or repair it is an important part of your journey. Your innate ability to discern the truth in any given situation increases, as does your power of restoration or transformation. Whether you are working to help heal someone or something or dealing with a broken appliance, you have an uncanny ability to know exactly what is required to improve things.

People seek you out for your guidance, wisdom, and insight, and you are able to help them move past blocks and difficulties. You are also a natural teacher or mentor, and that ability comes to life this year. Look for opportunities at work and in other areas of your life that allow you to use this gift. Not everyone has the ability to present things in a way that allows others to learn them. You might take this talent for granted, but it has tremendous value, and once you embrace it you’ll find it can lead you in directions that are extremely fulfilling.

You are sensitive, compassionate, and loving this year, and your spiritual life holds deep pleasure and reward. Whatever practices bring you joy and help you feel the presence of Spirit are the practices to embrace and engage every day. Whether it’s formal meditation or a walk through the woods, do what works best for you. You must become your own authority. A Life Path Psychic can help guide you as you move forward this year.

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