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Birthday Horoscope

October 29 2021 Birthday Horoscope

October 29, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year your ability to see deep inside to the heart of an issue or into the deepest part of a person awakens and becomes a superpower. You’ve always been intuitive, even a bit psychic, but all of that deepens and expands in unforeseen and incredibly powerful ways. Your ability to perceive, psychically, emotionally, and energetically what’s truly happening, regardless of what’s being said or presented, grows incredibly strong. The next step is learning to trust what you’re picking up, even when things appear otherwise.

Your clairaudience and clairvoyance awaken, and you will find that if you meditate upon arising, and journal afterward, you’ll have a record of your perceptions that you can refer to as needed. You’ll discover how accurate your intuitive knowing is by keeping this journal, and you’ll be able to see where you missed the mark or misread a situation as well. Your desire to help others, to serve, and make a positive difference with your gifts grows stronger with each passing day. Like any other gift or talent, or like a muscle you exercise, your gifts grow stronger with use.

Look for classes, workshops, and teachers you can study with. Ask your higher self to guide you to the instruction and instructors that will be the most helpful to you. If you ask, you will most definitely receive, so keep your dialogue with Spirit strong and continuous. A Medium Psychic can put you in touch with your helping spirits and show you how to work with your gifts.

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