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Birthday Horoscope

October 28 2019 Birthday Horoscope

October 28, 2019

Happy Birthday! A desire for change, or to set out for new shores is an overarching theme for you this year so pack your bags and get ready to travel, literally and figuratively. You may face challenges, but they will increase your self-esteem and deepen your self-confidence and wisdom. Push past any fear of success and keep going. Empathy, perseverance, commitment, and patience allow you to attain the achievement and recognition you’ve been working so hard for. Your emotional stability and maturity create inner steadiness so that even when an obstacle looks insurmountable you know deep inside that it’s not, and you have the faith required to overcome it.

This year your communication abilities and creativity are highlighted, and you will find fulfillment, joy, and even financial success by pursuing these avenues of expression. Consider combining the two and explore blogging, vlogging, acting, and public speaking. Or for less public expressions, journal, write poetry, paint, or sculpt. Even if you pursue quieter forms of creative expression, at a certain point step back and acknowledge how good your work is and consider making it public. Success and recognition are looking for you, they are trying to find you, so cooperate instead of allowing shyness or self-criticism to hold you back. People admire you and want to help you succeed, so let them. A reading with a Tarot Card Psychic can show you a visual picture of how your life is unfolding and guide you as you go.

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