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Birthday Horoscope

October 27 2019 Birthday Horoscope

October 27, 2019

Happy Birthday! This is a powerful year of diving deep into who you are, excavating the gold, and leaving the rest behind. Your focus is on self-examination, personal growth, healing old wounds and patterns that block your highest good, that create repetitive, destructive patterns in your relationships, and in your daily life. Resisting this deep dive will only make it more painful so rather than continue to fight and run, turn around and face things head on.

With love and compassion for yourself and others you can allow change to happen and let go of everything and everyone that is not working in your life. Continuing to cling to behaviors, people, substances, and actions that harm you instead of uplift and heal you will all come to a screeching halt this year. Surrender and make it easy, or fight and make it hard, but it’s a process bigger than your small wants and desires so stop fighting it, let go, and surrender.

Spiritual wisdom, cultivating patience, and looking for ways to help others are huge avenues of joy for you this year. By establishing a daily spiritual practice you’ll find that even the biggest challenges shrink down to manageable size, especially when you are filled with genuine peace, faith, and a quiet knowing that everything is going to be okay in spite of how it may seem in the moment. A reading with a Clairvoyant Psychic can help you see what’s up ahead and provide you with the guidance you need to navigate it well.

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