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Birthday Horoscope

October 25, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will thrive when you are a valued member of a group, community, or your own personal tribe of family and friends. Being recognized for your individual abilities and being able to contribute them to a collaborative effort will provide a feeling of fulfillment. You will enjoy interacting with people who come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Anyone with a new and different story to tell will be a welcome companion. The individuals that you attract are likely to be wise, generous, and worldly. Your sensitivity and empathy will make it easy to relate to the people that you meet and to find kinship with them. Going new places, learning new things, and meeting new people will fulfill your yearning for adventure. You could excel at activities that involve travel, foreign relations, publishing, marketing, research or counseling. This could be an especially creative year for writers, artists, and musicians.

When it comes to emotions, you will possess the strength, confidence, and unshakeable sense of self that enables you to trust others. Not necessarily because you find them inherently trustworthy, but because you will feel that no one can take anything away from you nor diminish you in any way. Your resilience and fierce determination will equip you to weather any storm.

In love, boredom and repetition can be deadly. You may be inclined to stir things up in order to feed your need for intensity. Jealousy, obsessiveness, and drama could play a part in your relationships.

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