Birthday Horoscope

October 24, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you will be eager to share yourself with others and to contribute your wisdom and experience to the collective mind. Whether you collaborate with a team on the job, work in your community, or contribute to the world at large, you will feel that your own life is enriched when you offer your talents to something greater than yourself and help to make a difference. You could excel at activities that involve travel, foreign relations, publishing, marketing, research or counseling. Writers, artists, and musicians will feel attuned to their muse.

You will enjoy interacting with people who come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Anyone with a new and different story to tell will be a welcome companion. The individuals that you attract are likely to be wise, generous, and worldly. Your sensitivity and compassion will make it easy to relate to the people that you meet and to understand where they are coming from. Going new places, learning new things, and meeting new people will fulfill your yearning for adventure.

When it comes to emotions, you may be both reserved and unpredictable. You may feel that keeping your emotions concealed allows you greater flexibility and freedom of action. If no one knows how you feel, then they can’t hold you to certain standards or expectations. Just be careful that you don’t compromise emotional comfort for independence.

You may move or make an unusual change in your family or living arrangements.

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