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Birthday Horoscope

October 23 2019 Birthday Horoscope

October 23, 2019

Happy Birthday! This is a year of passion and deeply felt emotion balanced with self-confidence, happiness, and a sense of calm. It’s an interesting blend of energies which gives you quiet power and ambition, which leads to success. You are enthusiastic, optimistic, and creative this year, all of which can be parlayed into career advancement and the attainment of long held goals.

You have patience and internal steadiness even though you feel things intensely and have an unshakable sense of how you want things to unfold. You are able to steer things your way by connecting deeply with others and using your communication and intuitive abilities to convince them to see things your way. With this kind of power comes great responsibility so make absolutely sure that you are not overriding anyone’s free will or forcing others to agree with you. As long as you remain cognizant of other’s needs and are compassionate in your approach, all ends well.

Relationships are extremely important to you and you are loyal and committed to the people you care about. This includes friendships as well as romantic partners. You have healing abilities that awaken this year and it would benefit you, as well as others, for you to develop them. Pursue what genuinely interests you, keeping in mind that you have a healing touch and a keen, penetrating ability to assess what is going on deep under the surface of things. A reading with an Empath Psychic can help you develop these gifts if you choose.

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