Birthday Horoscope

October 20, 2017

During this upcoming birthday year, you should expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to career and home. Twists and turns are sure to keep you on your toes. Fortunately, you won’t be alone in navigating changes. You might have a community to support you or you may feel that you have guides and protectors looking out for you from the spirit plane.

In friendship, you will enjoy the company of people who broaden your horizons. The individuals that you attract are likely to be smart, wise, and worldly. You will be an engaged team player and will benefit from joining groups and organizations that reflect your interests. You will gain tremendous comfort from exchanging ideas with people who are on your wavelength and you will get a lot out of working together to achieve a common goal. People will be drawn to your intensity, generosity, and wit. Your enhanced intuition will help you to tune into people’s feelings and this will enable you to anticipate their needs. You could excel at activities that involve publishing, marketing, research, or counseling.

In love, you will feel hopeful no matter what romantic drama is currently playing out in your life. You will possess a deep yearning for a union and this will compel you to keep your heart open until you find your perfect match or succeed in cultivating your ideal relationship.

With home and family, you may break with tradition and implement changes that some might view as unconventional. These decisions will be geared toward promoting greater long-term stability.

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