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Birthday Horoscope

October 2 2021 Birthday Horoscope

October 2, 2021

Happy Birthday! This year you finally come out on the other side of an arduous passage. It may feel like an enormous ocean wave finally flings you back onto the shore after dragging you into the undertow. And while you’re relieved to not have drowned, you’re also banged up, bruised, and coughing up water. You must get your bearings once again, and part of that process will be allowing yourself to rest, recover, and regroup. You tend to push yourself hard, and that’s not going to be helpful this year. What will allow you to regain your strength and energy is self-care, gentleness, and lots of downtime. Seek out situations and relationships that are steeped in calm energy. This is medicine for your Soul.

Everything has a season and cycles; the more in harmony you are with this subtle energy the quicker you’ll recover your energy and personal power. Treat yourself the way you would treat the person you love the most if they had just gone through what you survived. And speak to yourself with the same kindness and compassion with which you speak to others. Your inner dialogue will either lift you up or tear you down, but you’re the only one who can decide how you’re going to speak to yourself. Be vigilant in this, as it can make the difference between your well-being and recovery or suffering and staying stuck. A Clairaudient Psychic can put you in touch with a teacher on the inner plane who can help you with this process.

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